Glencoe by Adam Karnacz

Glencoe is a destination high up on the list of anyone doing landscape photography in the UK. In my latest Scotland video I head out in some truly amazing snowy conditions in one of my most epic vlogs yet.

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This is the second part of my annual landscape photography trip to Scotland for 2018. After struggling to bring the huge scenes of the Cairngorms down into a good composition we headed over to Glencoe. We had heard there had been heavy snow showers overnight but the weather forecast looked perfect for the day ahead. We started perfectly when we stopped of at the stunning Ruthven Barracks to capture a classic Scottish scene.


People often say to me, when I capture a great shot, that I was lucky with the weather. I understand this but there is more to it. I believe you make your own luck and that is certainly what Lyle and I did on this day. The roads were horrendous getting to Glencoe and it was an extremely difficult drive that was long and stressful.


On arrival hundreds of photographers were already at the location where we had planned to park. It was demoralising and there was no where to park the car. This was a blessing in disguise and forced us to rethink and find another spot. We found a tiny space in a lay-by and decided to trek up the side of the opposite mountain through incredibly deep snow. It was tough going through the two feet of snow but we were helped by the tracks already forged by the local deer. The effort all became worth it at the end of the day. We found ourselves in a spot that no other photographers had visited that day and it was a very special moment. Perfect for landscape photography. It was hard work at the time, but the memories I now own I will cherish forever.


Landscape and Wildlife Photography in the Cairngorms by Adam Karnacz

We travel to the Cairngorms in Scotland for an adventure in some stunning wintery snow conditions to capture some wildlife and landscape photography.

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Last week I missed uploading a video for the first time in two and half years and it’s good to be back. I head up to Scotland to visit the Cairngorms with my very good friend Lyle McCalmont, to shoot some landscape photography and wildlife photography. Lyle is an expert wildlife photographer and is my sole inspiration to go out and capture our animal friends. In this video he takes me deep into the Cairngorm woods to shoot the Crested Tit, known locally as the ‘Crestie’. A small and interesting bird that moves incredibly quickly and is pretty shy compared to the other locals.


Best laid plans

The day did not go exactly according to plan. Every time I travel to Scotland I am overwhelmed by the scale of the place. I am often associated with the Lake District, it is truly an incredible place and dear to my heart but Scotland takes things to a whole other level. The mountains are taller and the lochs are bigger than the lakes, but the highlands are so very huge and isolated in a way that will humble any person. The scale of the place is so very impressive but it makes it difficult to capture your best landscape photography. When you do not know a place, photographing it is a real challenge. Travelling to a new location and trying to find a good composition can be frustrating when you know something amazing could be round the next corner but you just can’t see it. I did my best to overcome this and find some nice shots. I succeeded in one sense but failed in another when I could not make a picture out of the incredible trees that were on offer. It was very good fun capturing some wildlife photography though. I am not always a big fan but I do enjoy the challenge of a bit of bird capture. The crested tit turned out to be very shy but I still managed to grab a couple of decent snaps of the bird that only shows itself in the Cairngorms.


Winter Landscapes

The snowy and wintery landscape provided some superb opportunities for some top draw drone footage that was immensely enjoyable. The frozen water of Loch Morlich was also an incredible sight to witness. I feel incredibly privileged to have seen it and it will be something I never forget. 


Landscape Photography in the Snow - Winter in North Yorkshire by Adam Karnacz

Snow is the the theme of this landscape photography vlog. I travel to Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire to make the most of some winter conditions and talk about how I capture landscapes in the snow.

Snow Challenges

Landscape photography in the snow can present some genuine challenges. Firstly the cold causes problems and in this shoot pretty much all my gear stopped functioning by the end of the day. It seems obvious to say, but snow is wet. It just doesn’t feel wet when it is falling out of the sky. The snow had been falling on me, my gear and my bag all day and, by the end, everything was wet to the core.

Roseberry Snow.jpg

Technical Challenges

Secondly there are the technical challenges to shooting in snow. This mainly comes in the form of exposure and white balance. When shooting in the snow the highlights created by the light reflecting off the snow can really confuse the camera’s meter. Putting your camera into manual mode is a must. Using the LCD and Histogram in Liveview will then help you get in right place with exposure. I always shoot in RAW which gives me a large amount of adjustment to exposure in post-production. With white balance, cameras often tend to capture snow with a very blue tint. You see this a lot on TV and it can be used purposefully to add to the cold feeling of the scene. However, have you ever seen blue snow? Again, shooting in RAW provides full control of white balance in post production and I always aim to bring my images to match the scene I visualised at the time ie with white snow. In the last shot of the day the snow had a slightly yellow, orange warm glow to it when it was bathed in the evening sun.

Location, Location, Location

In the video I also talk about shooting from the same location on numerous occasions. I am often asked how I find locations and do I run out of places to shoot. I am a big fan of returning to the same place and capturing an image of it over and over again. Capturing a scene in the different seasons, in different weather, in different light will produce very different photographs and the one you make on the 15th time of asking might be the one that really pops and gains attention.

Happy New Year

Finally I’d just like to wish you a very happy new year. I hope good things happen to you in 2018 and I look forward to running into you out in the landscape. Thank you so much for subscribing, watching, commenting and sharing. It means a lot.

Panoramic Landscape Photography with the Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II lens by Adam Karnacz

The Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II tilt shift lens can be used to capture some stunning panoramas free from distortion. I travel to the LakeDistrict again to put it to good use in this landscape photography vlog. 

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Last week I used the Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II lens in London to capture some cityscape images free from distortion. The tilt shift lens can also be used to capture some beautiful panoramas free from the normal distortion created when you rotate a lens around a fixed axis (ie on your tripod). This is achieved simply by using the shift function. By shifting the lens left to right you can capture five overlapping images that stitch together in Lightroom absolutely perfectly. We get used to looking at panoramas and we get used to the distortion, sometimes it even benefits the image. However when you see a panorama shot with a tilt shift lens they have an extra element of quality. Even a feeling that you are standing in the scene yourself.

Panorama Photography

I am a very big fan of panorama photography. They are big and impressive and the files generated in Lightroom are large and detailed. There is a problem though. They do not share well on screen; and therefore on social media. To get the whole width of the image in, the height has to be reduced and you end up with the image looking much smaller than a normal 3x2 or 16x9. Screens are not designed to display panoramas. The only way to truly appreciate them is to print them and see them in person. When printing landscape photography, I am a true believer in bigger is better.

Winter in the Lake District

For the shoot I managed to get up early again and head over to the Lake District for what turned out to be an absolutely stunning morning.I wanted a more accessible day with locations close to the car so picked out spots at Tewet Tarn, Castlerigg Stone Circle and Bassenthwaite Lake. I have been asked a few time now to provide a guide and GPS details for the locations and vlogs I have done. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. It will take a lot of work, so I will not be able to offer it for free, but I was thinking somewhere in the region of £5 per guide. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Cityscape Photography in London with a Tilt-Shift Lens by Adam Karnacz

I am in London shooting some cityscape photography and use the very special Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II tilt shift lens to capture some images with nice straight lines.

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It has been a been a while since I have a had a decent opportunity to shoot in London. This week I carved out some time so decided to hire the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II tilt shift lens for the occasion. Tilt shift lenses are perfect for using with landscape photography, especially cityscapes where the shift function corrects the perspective distortion normally suffered by wide angle lenses. This distortion causes buildings, particularly those at the edge of the frame, to angle in towards the centre of the frame.



Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II

The Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II tilt shift can also be used to capture some excellent panoramas but that is the theme of next weeks video.

London Baby!!

I truly believe that London is one of the greatest cities in the world and provides some great opportunities for landscape photography. The cityscape of London is steeped in history and impressive buildings and skylines exist in every direction, especially down by the river Thames.



The Plan

I started the day with a very clear vision of the images I wanted to achieve. I aimed to shoot North to South across the river making several iconic structures my subject, including the Shard and Tower Bridge. These have been photographed many times so I was aiming to elevate my images. Firstly by ensuring nice straight lines with the tilt shift lens and second by creating and interesting and ethereal feel using long exposure photography. I purchased a 16 stop ND filter for the occasion to achieve exposure times of around 6 minutes.



An Emotional Day

I ended the day on the Greenwich peninsula to shoot across the river towards the bank buildings of Canary Wharf. Overall it was a superb day where I got back in touch with London, a city where I lived for ten years and know very well. The day was actually quite emotional for me as I walked around and remembered all the history I have tied up in the place. I was also very happy with the images I captured using the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II tilt shift and was a nice break from my usually landscape photography shoots in the mountains.

Landscape Photography Workshop Secrets and some Q&A by Adam Karnacz

I reveal some of the secrets from my landscape photography workshops. I provide tips and advice to solve the problems many of my clients have been struggling with. There is also some general Q&A.

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My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Drove 3 HOURS to the BEACH just to find a SEASHELL! by Adam Karnacz

I travel to Flamborough Head to find a sea shell for my new project. It’s more nature than landscape photography, where I bring the outdoors, indoors. I also test out the new lower noise DJI Mavic PRO props.

Flammer 3-2.jpg

The Perfect Plan

I had an epic plan. It was going to be beautiful. Everything was set for the early start the next day. The weather was looking great, the mountains were snowcapped, the bag was packed, the coffee was prepped and I went to bed very excited. Then guess what, yep you got it, my alarm did not go off. Or it did, and I did not hear it or turned it off subconsciously. Either way I was gutted. This kind of thing never happens to me. There was just no way I could salvage it, I couldn’t get to the Lake District in time. I was so certain Plan A was going to work that I did not have a plan B. In the end you’ve got to believe these things are meant to be.

A photography project backup

For times like this it’s always good to have a few project ideas in mind. I wracked my brains and remembered an idea I had thought of recently whilst creating a collage on my wall from all the vlogs I have filmed this year. When I was putting them up I realised that they all fitted into one of three categories - woodland (or trees), beaches or seascapes and finally mountains. I thought it would be fitting to create a piece of work that celebrated these three categories that I had subconsciously gravitated towards over the year.

Flammer 3-3.jpg

Struggling for Inspiration

Over the last few weeks I have been struggling for inspiration with my landscape photography. It often happens to me at this time of year when the dark nights set in and we go through the Autumn to Winter transition. With that in mind I decided the project would be about bringing the outdoors, indoors. I wanted to photograph a single object that represented each landscape category and then combine them into an overall piece of work. Three items for three categories. It seemed pretty obvious to use a leaf to represent woodland. Mountains were a bit more difficult to represent. The rock, the earth and the dirt all speak to me when I am on the mountain but do not necessarily make a good picture. One particularly appealing feature of the mountain trails are the cairns that mark the path. Whilst piled up by man, the rock is still of the mountain. I therefore decided to represent this on a smaller scale using small stones. That left me with the sea. Nothing represents the sea and the beach like a shell. Except I didn’t have a shell. So here I am. 

DJI Mavic Pro Low Noise Propellers

Heading out has also given me the opportunity to the new low noise props for the DJI Mavic Pro. At £20 for two pairs they are not cheap. The propellers made only a very minor difference. When drone is hovering there is very little noticeable difference. When the drone is going a full tilt there is a marginally reduced volume. Worth a £20 upgrade? Probably not.

Flammer 3.jpg

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Shell in hand it was time to head back to the studio to create the images. I knew black and White was the way to go for each image using a mixture of high key and low key lighting. The methods I used to capture the images are not the theme of this video but leave a comment down below if you’d like to see a tutorial. My vision for the final image was to have them side by side in a panorama. That makes it harder to print so I settled for small prints in a vertical frame. The final work took much more effort than capturing a single landscape photograph. I loved the process though and am proud of what I have created. Now, when I look at it, i am reminded of the beauty that is out there providing inspiration for the next shoot.

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Bored of Landscape Photography and Finding a New Perspective by Adam Karnacz

Ever been bored with landscape photography? I have, so todayI head out early to rediscover my passion during a sunrise shoot in NorthYorkshire.

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Burn Out

Over the last year I have shot landscape photography every week of the year and have shared all those experiences with you. Now I am feeling burnt out. It is a classic symptom of repetition and sometimes a break is required to rediscover a passion whilst exploring other avenues. The other week I was in the Lake District observing a perfectly beautiful sunrise and I just didn’t feel inspired. The drive to get out has just not been there since then. This happens to many photographers and is often something I go through towards the end of the Autumn. The colours have almost gone but the icy wintery nature has yet to arrive. 

Macro Part 1-3.jpg

A need to create

Despite this I feel unfulfilled unless I am creating. Sitting around on the couch is not an option for me. I need to pour my efforts into other pursuits. You may have noticed I have not been vlogging for a few weeks and have instead focused on other areas of photography including water drop sand tech reviews. Hopefully you have found these videos useful and enjoyed them. They have given me the break from landscape photography I needed and also a break from the hours and hours I spend in the car.

Macro Part 1.jpg

Finding a new perspective

In the video today I have rediscovered my mojo with a trip to the North York Moors national park. The weather was showing good signs and the trek up Hawnby Hill Crag in the darkness was well worth it for the sunriseI witnessed. I was also joined by a slightly creepy animal friend and captured some lovely Drone footage. It remains to be seen if my landscape photography passion is back in full force, but if not, it is well on the way.

If you are feeling in a rut leave a comment down below and let me know and we’ll see what we can do to get you out of it.

Macro Part 1-4.jpg

Landscape Vlogs

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Wild Waterfalls and Woodland Whereabouts by Adam Karnacz

Landscape Photography at Aysgarth Falls

We travel to Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales to shoot some woodland photography and some long exposure waterfalls in this landscape photography vlog.

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Autumn and Winter Photography

We are approaching that time of year again where the weather is often not on your side. The British Autumn and Winter bring numerous damp and overcast days that do not obviously lend themselves to capturing great photographs. However there are venues and conditions to suit all circumstances and in today’s video I went in search of images that work beautifully in overcast conditions.

Aysgarth Falls and Robin Hood

I headed up to Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales that were made famous in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves when Kevin Costner fights Little John with big poles in the river. It is a beautiful location but on my visit today there was absolutely no chance of getting into the river. There has been heavy rainfall recently and the river and waterfalls were raging with huge torrents of water. It did make for some interesting photographs and slo mo footage though.

Waterfall Photography

Waterfalls in the UK are often surrounded by trees. Shooting them with direct sunlight on them can often create harsh contrast lines that spoil the image. Capturing them in overcast conditions is ideal when you have the nice soft diffused light created by the clouds.This also means you can capture great images at any time of the day. No need to be getting up early for sunrise or staying out late for sunset. As you might know I am a huge fan of long exposure photography and it works really well with waterfalls to capture some of the movement in the water.

Woodland Photography

Aysgarth Falls is also surrounded by some beautiful woods. I had not planned to do any woodland shots today but as I was walking past one particular tree, the yellow Autumn leaves really caught my eye. I worked up a composition and captured a shot that I am really quite pleased with. It was far from being ideal woodland photography conditions, but I used a shallow depth of field and some strong contrast to really make the tree stand out.

No Drone......

Finally, I missed the drone today. I am planning to order one this week!

An Early Rise and Natural Highs by Adam Karnacz

I travel to Blea Tarn to capture a magnificent sunrise and make the most of the stunning Lake District morning, with a short mountain hike, in this landscape photography vlog. 

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More than before

Over the past two years I have shot a lot of landscape photography, more than ever before in a short space of time. I recently printed out a 4x6 print of one image from each of the vlogs I have shot this year. It filled my wall and it is a body of work I am extremely proud of, especially with a film to accompany each one. I have learned a lot and it has been a thrilling experience.


Landscape photography wellbeing

One of the biggest things that has struck me is the enormous sense of wellbeing that is generated when I go out shooting. This week was a particular example of that. I spent Thursday in the Lake District running a workshop and did not get back to my hotel until about 8pm. I was joined laterby my good friend and photographer Lyle McCalmont. We enjoyed a well earned couple of drinks before heading to bed. There was little rest though. We were up again for 5am to get over to Blea Tarn for some sunrise photography. When I arrived I was feeling a bit low. Tired, frustrated by the drive and not particularly ready for it. Even when the incredible pink sky appeared above Blea Tarn and the distant Langdale Pikes I felt underwhelmed even as other photographers who were present were whooping and cracking out high fives.

 Blea Tarn, Lake District, UK

Blea Tarn, Lake District, UK

More than the art

For me it has become about so much more than the simple art of capturing an image. The morning progressed and we hiked up a small mountain as the rising sun began to lash the crags around us. We had fun getting a couple more images before nailing some footage for the video. We eventually made it to the top for the breathtaking 360 degree views. The feeling of elation and joy was palpable. The exercise, the effort, the hard work and the challenge are all part of what provide the sense of achievement and wellbeing. 

Blea Tarn-2.jpg

Well earned memories

Part of the drive is to produce images that others don't have. The Blea Tarn shot, whilst a perfectly good shot, felt too easy. The spot was about 1 minute walk from the car and the other photographers present were all capturing very similar images. Hiking up immediately puts you in territory that most people are not willing to venture into. It creates a much better opportunity for finding unique and interesting compositions. I do not purposely try to make things more difficult but the lasting memories and feeling of success is much greater when I have had to work for it.

 Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull

The next chapter

Looking at my wall of 4x6 images now, brings back rich and vivid memories of each experience. There is a story behind each one that makes me feel happy and proud every time I look at them. I can not wait to create the next one.

3 Ways to Long Exposure | Landscape Photography by Adam Karnacz

Long exposure photography is the order of the day and I share three of my methods for capturing the shot. I also discuss the merits of landscape photography and storytelling during this sunrise photo shoot.

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Long exposure provides a new way to look at the world. Capturing a relatively long period of time in one photograph. It creates an illusion of movement in the image and creates an ethereal mood that invokes feelings of serenity and wonder. Long Exposure has been the basis of my landscape photography for many many years and it is one of the first techniques I consider when I am visualising my image. I love the extra story telling capacity that a long exposure photograph can portray.

Landscape Photography with a twist

The above is achieved by creating context in the scene. It is the stark contrast between static objects in the frame against the movement of things like water and clouds. This juxtaposition on it’s own can expand the story. The power and speed of a waterfall, the direction of clouds and the wind; can all be deduced from a long exposure photograph. These subtle details all n part of a landscape and affect your attitude and feeling towards.

3 Long Exposure Photography Methods

In the video I detail three ways in which I capture my long exposures. First is simply by utilising dull conditions such as sunrise, sunset or during overcast weather conditions. Setting your aperture at around f16 and ISO at 100 will allow a shutter speed of at least a few seconds without the use of any filters. 

ND Filters

Secondly is about using a long shutter speed during sunset and sunrise. I achieve this through bracketing using a 6 stop ND filter. The maximum shutter speed using this technique will normally be about 30 seconds.

2 Minutes and More

Lastly, I do extreme long exposures. Shutter speeds of 2 minutes or more using stacked ND filters up to 16 stops of total light reduction. These can be technically difficult to shoot because any slight movement can result in a less than sharp image. Noise from the sensor also becomes a problem and some cameras can be worse than others.

An exciting part of landscape photography, long shutter speed images are another tool you have in your arsenal to tell your story. 

Landscape Photography | Conquering the Camera Settings by Adam Karnacz

I travel to the Yorkshire Dales to capture some images and talk more about the camera settings I use for my landscape photography.

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Landscape Photography Settings

Understanding basic camera settings for landscape photography seems to be the key to people feeling confident with their camera. Once camera settings are mastered then the camera becomes and extension of you and we can start to really focus on getting the creative juices flowing. In this video I focus down onto the camera setting and explain my methods in more detail.

More than a Photography Tutorial

Since I started vlogging I have moved away from making photography tutorials for beginners. It has allowed me to simply document my work process and show you my methods. Along the way people have picked up photography tips and tricks. Having said that, people still want to know the practical techniques. Things like, how to shoot in manual mode on your DSLR or what is the exposure triangle, or more information about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This is totally understandable and I think shooting in manual mode is something all photographers should aim for.

Info from the Real World 

This video aims to give you the information about how I do landscape photography settings, including my metering and focusing methods, whilst maintaining the real world vlog type feel. In the video I am in the Yorkshire Dales, visiting Ribblehead Viaduct and climb up a small portion of the Whernside mountain. 

First Man Photography Blogs

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Snowdonia - Making a Landscape Photography Connection by Adam Karnacz

I travel to Snowdonia in North Wales to climb a mountain and connect with the area in this landscape photography vlog. 

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Photography in Snowdonia

This is my first dedicated photography trip to Snowdonia. I visited the area when I was a child but otherwise it is not an area that has ever drawn me in. It is a stunning landscape though. The Lake District is my photography home and is very different from Snowdonia. It is more rugged, craggy and brutal but no less impressive. 

Ups and Downs

Following the disappointing shoot in Anglesey last week I wanted to make a solid connection to this landscape. Understanding an area and making an emotional connection to the area is important to me. It allows me to gain an insight and start to tell the story of the area through the pictures that I capture. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't. Being an emotional photographer has its upsides and it downsides. Often it is better to be more stoic and level headed to allow you to overcome the challenges presented to you. Whilst I perform like this in many areas of life my photography is something different. I am very passionate about it so it leads to a series of ups and downs. This can be draining but when you are riding high, visit somewhere stunning, get the right conditions and start shooting; the results can be spectacular. 

Y Garn and the Devil's Kitchen

For this trip the conditions did not quite present themselves as perfect. It was a great trip, I got some good shots and managed to scout out the area for future landscape photography shoots. My day also included an epic mountain walk aiming for the top of Y Garn. It was a hard climb up a portion of mountain that I later discovered was aptly named, The Devils Kitchen.

Frustration in Anglesey - Landscape Photography Vlog by Adam Karnacz

My trip to North Wales begins in Anglesey with a search for some beautiful seascapes. Frustration reigns in this landscape photography vlog.

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In the video last week I talked about the landscape photography wave, where we travel through a natural process of ups and downs. During my day at the beach today I went through the full spectrum and experienced the highs and lows, all in one day. It was emotional and frustrating and the day didn't end as I had hoped. There are many occasions when the weather lets you down. This normally doesn't bother me but tonight it did. Everything was going so well and I was certain the weather was going to work out for me. Some unexpected sea haze arrived due to the extreme wind and the golden light I needed for the final shot just did not turn up. 

Despite my mood, the day was still enjoyable. The sunset never really came but the final image was good and it provides an excuse to return in future. Anglesey has some stunning coastline that is perfect for landscape photography. I didn't have much time there but it is clearly a stunning landscape even overrun by people in the summer months. 

I hope to return there the very near future to capture the sunset photography I was looking for.

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Riding the Landscape Photography Wave by Adam Karnacz

In this episode I witness a beautiful sunset when I travel to North Yorkshire and enjoy some of the beautiful heather on display. I go to a place I know very well to help me ride the landscape photography wave.

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The Wave

Landscape photography is like anything else in life. It has its ups and downs, lows and highs. On the video last week it was very emotional, I captured some amazing shots, met some incredible people and it was a big high. When you're on top, the only way is down and it's important not to see this as a negative but rather a natural movement in the wave of life and the photography process. At a time like this I there are two things I like to do with my landscape photography. The first option is to head off on an epic trip to somewhere amazing. I'll be doing that soon but it's not always possible. The second option is to come back to somewhere close to home or somewhere you know really well, slow it down and just enjoy the process. That's exactly what I've done today and I've come back to Roseberry Topping, just couple of miles from where I grew up.

Landscape Photography Workshop

I am also very proud to be launching my landscape photography workshops. Spend the day with me and retrace the steps from one of the First Man Photography vlogs and capture some of the finest scenery the UK has to offer. The workshops will be a brilliant day and my supportive and encouraging style, enthusiasm and knowledge will give you confidence with your camera and help you capture some incredible landscape images. Book your trip now and come along for the ride.

Sky of Fire and Aching Arms - Landscape Photography Vlog by Adam Karnacz

I travel to the Peak District and photograph one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen all year in this landscape photography vlog.

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The 'Why' of Photography

The why of photography is not something I have talked about very often. I have previously provided lots of practical tips that help with the ‘How’, but the ‘Why’ is probably more important. One thing I have mentioned on a number of previous videos is the wellbeing that landscape photography provides. Really, we are talking about the benefits to our mental health. Being outside, enjoying the fresh air, in beautiful places, getting exercise and creating our artwork provides an incredibly positive feeling. This is part of the reason why I do landscape photography and it seems to be true for many others.

Humbled by the stories

I am now in this honoured position where people have started contacting me and letting me know they have lost loved ones and sharing stories of key moments in their life. They describe how shooting landscape photography and watching landscape vlogs provides them with some welcome escapism and positivity. When I started landscape photography I was far from being a professional. It was a hobby that i simply loved. It provided an opportunity and a reason to get out and explore, and really observe the world around me. It became an island and a retreat from modern life and still to this day it leaves me feeling better, more motivated, more positive, healthier and happier

Giving Something Back

Creating these vlogs has been an incredible experience and as my audience on YouTube has grown I have really been enjoying interacting with many of you. When Jason contacted me recently and shared his story that they had lost their baby late in the pregnancy, it really struck a cord with me. Especially since they had entered into a huge landscape photography project to raise money for the charities that helped them. It has also become a large part of the healing process for them and I found that particular inspiring. I wanted more people to hear that message and their story.

73in73 Landscape Photography Challenge

It was a great pleasure meeting Jason and Tracey and I hope you will check out their website and subscribe to the 73in73 youtube channel and follow their landscape photography challenge. Our day together finished with the most incredible sunset I have seen all year. A stunning rainbow also appeared against a pink sky behind us. It was a very poignant moment for us all and felt very special.

Castles, Sunsets and Planning Your Landscape Photography by Adam Karnacz

I head to the Northumberland coastline to capture a castle and a beautiful sunset on the beach. I also talk about the importance of planning in this landscape photography vlog.

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Back shooting landscape photography

Having recovered from my back injury (kind of….) I head out again to capture some landscape photography. This week I sneak away from the family holiday to shoot a few compositions on the Northumberland coastline, a truly beautiful part of the world. 

Planning a shoot

Planning is an essential part of landscape photography and a solid plan will help to take your shoots and your photographs to the next level. Over the last couple of years I have developed a strategy that has worked for me as I have travelled around the country shooting some of the best landscape photography of my career. I have also been creating these photography vlogs so it's been important to plan carefully to avoid wasting any time.

Where am I going?

My planning nearly always begins with selecting a location. I will then try to narrow it down and figure out where the compositions will be that I am looking to capture. Google maps is my first tool but I will also look at other photographers work. Once I know a composition exists though I will stop looking at others work so when I get there I am using my own vision and creating my own original artwork. 


The next stage is thinking about the time you are going to attend. What season? When will the sun be in the right position? Sunrise or sunset? The PhotoPills app is very helpful in landscape photography planning giving you a plethora of tools for several aspects of planning stage.

The weather person says.......

I also think about people, I am obsessed with the weather forecast, I check tide times, I do journey planners, I think about the gear I will need, the clothing I will where, what food I will need, what safety equipment etc etc. The list goes on.

Many people will head out with there camera with no plan whatsoever. This is perfectly ok and something I often do too. However, planning can really help you take your work to the next level. It is your plan. Remember, you are free to change it, ignore it or stick to it as you see fit.

Photography Vlogs

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Rise Above it for a New Perspective - Landscape Photography Vlog by Adam Karnacz

A Blencathra Adventure

This week I climb the mighty mountain of Blencathra in the Lake District. A tough but rewarding climb followed by an interesting sunset in this landscape photography vlog.

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Despite my numerous visits to the Lake District in the past I have never climbed Blencathra. It sits proudly on the North Eastern edge of the Lakes like a mighty gate-keeper. There are numerous ways to summit the mountain. I choose the hardest path aiming to capture the drama of this mountain.

Beautful Weather, Tricky for Photography

The weather was absolutely beautiful and hot, making the climb difficult and the photography conditions even harder. Capturing great landscape photography in conditions where there is nothing but blue skies is tough. Faced with harsh light and huge contrast, it’s important to get in the right spot and think creatively. This is where black and white photography can be very effective, especially when you work a composition that is full of interesting tones. 

Shooting in Company

Recently I have been fully enjoying creating the films in company with a friend. Today I headed out with my friend Paddy who is an experienced walker and explorer. He also has a van called Christopher and he has recently launched a new Instagram account to chronicle his adventures. See the link above.

The Sunset Moment 

At the end of the day we headed down the mountain for a sunset shot. We made it with minutes to spare just as the sun dipped behind the mountains. I had picked out a little spot by a small body of water called Tewet Tarn. The area was thick with midges and, whilst I would normally avoid this, today I had no choice. I wanted the shot. In the end I captured an image to finish off the story of my day and Blencathra. A fire had also been raging during out decent. The smoke filled the Derwent valley and created some interest in the sky that made for a decent time lapse at the end. All in all, a great day of landscape photography.

Caught in a Lightning Storm - Landscape and Wildlife Photography Vlog by Adam Karnacz

Another photographic adventure that ends in some extreme photographic conditions. I start the day in Bempton Cliffs capturing some birds in flight and finish the day in Flamborough in a lightning storm. A Wildlife photography and landscape photography vlog.

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Landscape and Wildlife Photography

After many people enjoyed my vlog the other week that incorporated both landscape photography and wildlife photography I decided I would do it again. This time the day was to start RSPB Bempton Cliffs where there was a perfect opportunity to photograph some amazing Gannets on the Yorkshire coast cliffs. 

Shooting the Gannets

I started with a rough plan to capture one bird in flight and also a portrait style shot of the bird sitting in, or near to, the nest. Gannets are relatively rare but in this location, at this time of year there are splendid, and numerous, opportunities to capture some good images. I managed to position myself for a few good compositions and came away with everything I needed.

Flamborough Head

Once we left Bempton, Lyle and I travelled a few miles South down the coast to the spectacular Flamborough Head. After a quick refuelling on some fish and chips we headed back out to capture some Landscape Photography. We had just enough time to get the DJI Mavic Pro drone up before the weather moved in. The British weather can never be relied upon, even in July and today was no different. The down pour started moments after the drone had landed and got progressively worse. At this point it was still forecast to clear up so we held out, hoping for clearer skies at sunset time. It never came. What did come was a pretty large lightning storm.

The big finish

In the vlogs it is important to finish with a good image. Whilst this is often not the reality of a landscape photography shoot, it produces a much more satisfying climax to the film for me, and i think, for the audience. With this in mind, I was determined to get a great shot to finish with. I knew it was not going to be easy. With the total lack of interesting light and the fast approaching lightning, I had to work very fast and hard to find an interesting shot. Using the lighthouse as the focal point of my composition, I finished the day on a high, albeit a very wet one.

Saftey in a Lightning Storm

SAFTEY NOTICE - Lightning storms can be dangerous, especially in exposed landscapes. I, in no way recommend that you go out shooting in such conditions.  Please be safe when shooting landscape photography.

Landscape Photography Vlogs

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and document how I go about capturing my work. If it provides landscape photography tips and inspiration along the way then please share it with your friends so more people can benefit from the content. If you enjoyed this photography vlog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel so you can come along for the journey.

Two Landscape Photographers are Better than One by Adam Karnacz

A landscape photography YouTube collaboration

I travel to the Lake District to take a special guest up a mountain in this landscape photography vlog collaboration. 

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Shooting landscape photography often attracts the kind of person who is not afraid to be alone. Solitude is embraced and a sense of wellbeing arises from the time to ponder, to reflect and to review your current situation in life. Positive as this is, loneliness can easily sneak up on you so it's important to share your passion and talk about what you love. There is no better way to so thisthan to head out on a photography trip with friends or like minded people. It is one of life's true pleasures. Heading out on a shoot with other people is very beneficial. You can learn from each other, see how others work and talk about landscape photography all day long. Your skills will definitely improve. 

Reaching out

With this in mind I had wanted to do a YouTube collaboration for a while. I had been reaching out to numerous different people to try and make things happen (some will still happen) but arranging a get together is easier said than done. So when Andrew Marr contacted me saying he was heading over to the UK I knew something had to happen. Andrew is a talented landscape photographer from Australia and has been creating photography vlogs for nearly a year. His calming presence and thoughtful compositions have earned him a loyal following from around the world. We quickly realised our schedules were going to match nicely so we took the opportunity to meet up and go on a shoot together.

The Aussie connection

The day was absolutely brilliant and we spent the entire time talking landscape photography, YouTube, a bit of cricket and getting to know each other. It was a truly rewarding experience and I hope to repeat it soon. Both with other YouTubers and landscape photographers but also to make the return journey to Australia at some point. I would love to capture some sunset photography on those amazing Australian beaches. 

Please let me know if you would like to see me do any further collaborations. Tell me who, but maybe more importantly, tell them as well.