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I took some really average pictures | Landscape Photography Vlog

We all have bad days with landscape photography. Compositions aren’t right, the light doesn’t play ball and we make mistakes. I travel all the way to Wast Water in the Lake District to have a day just like this.

Landscape Photography is like golf. It is a detailed past time full of intricacy, fun, exercise and constant frustration. You do something that feels right but then the ball slices off a million miles to the right. You work hard and you get better and better but it never feels like you have mastered it. Frustration and annoyance come almost as often as total satisfaction. The thing is, we keep coming back for more.

At the start of this day I was cosy in my office and did not want to leave. The weather was poor, I was warm and the motivation to get outdoors to take some photographs was pretty low. Thankfully I managed to get myself out and drove the 3.5 hours to Wast Water in the Lake District. However, when I got there I was tired from the drive and the stresses of living with children who do not sleep. The weather was also very grey. The cold grey weather is seriously getting me down, especially as we now near May.

The day consisted of me struggling with composition, feeling disconnected from the images and the landscape and generally not performing to my usual standards. I think you can see this in the video. I still climbed up a mountain and the views were great. I got the usual boost to my wellbeing but when I got home I was bitterly disappointed with the two images I captured. It still produced an interesting video, giving some insight into when it goes wrong for a photographer. Landscape photography is a wave of ups and downs. I need to get up again asap. A period of nice sunny weather, with beautiful sunsets, will seriously help me.

Rise Above it for a New Perspective - Landscape Photography Vlog

A Blencathra Adventure

This week I climb the mighty mountain of Blencathra in the Lake District. A tough but rewarding climb followed by an interesting sunset in this landscape photography vlog.

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Despite my numerous visits to the Lake District in the past I have never climbed Blencathra. It sits proudly on the North Eastern edge of the Lakes like a mighty gate-keeper. There are numerous ways to summit the mountain. I choose the hardest path aiming to capture the drama of this mountain.

Beautful Weather, Tricky for Photography

The weather was absolutely beautiful and hot, making the climb difficult and the photography conditions even harder. Capturing great landscape photography in conditions where there is nothing but blue skies is tough. Faced with harsh light and huge contrast, it’s important to get in the right spot and think creatively. This is where black and white photography can be very effective, especially when you work a composition that is full of interesting tones. 

Shooting in Company

Recently I have been fully enjoying creating the films in company with a friend. Today I headed out with my friend Paddy who is an experienced walker and explorer. He also has a van called Christopher and he has recently launched a new Instagram account to chronicle his adventures. See the link above.

The Sunset Moment 

At the end of the day we headed down the mountain for a sunset shot. We made it with minutes to spare just as the sun dipped behind the mountains. I had picked out a little spot by a small body of water called Tewet Tarn. The area was thick with midges and, whilst I would normally avoid this, today I had no choice. I wanted the shot. In the end I captured an image to finish off the story of my day and Blencathra. A fire had also been raging during out decent. The smoke filled the Derwent valley and created some interest in the sky that made for a decent time lapse at the end. All in all, a great day of landscape photography.

Mountain Views and Getting Back to Basics - Landscape Photography Vlog

Back to Basics

Stunning sunset photography, mountain views, and a visit to the Lake District all feature in this landscape photography vlog that sees me get back to basics.

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In this Landscape photography vlog I recover from the recent challenges and get back to basics with a trip to the English Lake District. I climb a mountain, live in hope of the right weather and capture some stunning sunset photography. 

Special Landscape Photography Days

Days when you capture your best landscape photography are rare. It provides frustrations and anguish on a regular basis but when things go right, it is very very special. You have the composition, the light comes good and you shoot an image to be proud of. It is because this does not happen every day that it becomes so special. All the struggles and learning suddenly become worth it.

Long Spring Evenings

Making the most of the longer Spring days I headed across to the Lake District late in the day to climb Wall Crag overlooking Derwent Water. What a landscape photography tutorial often ignores is that climbing up mountains and hills is not easy for many people. I am included in this at the moment due to dreadful fitness. I stated a long time ago that I would address this problem. I haven't yet. I must.

Stunning Mountain View

When i made to the top I was welcomed with a stunning view. I played around with several compositions and settled on one that included some of the crag in foreground. One of my favourite landscape photography techniques is to use bracketing instead of ND grad filters. I prefer this for a number of reasons, and will be making a video about this soon, but it ensures I don't miss the big sunset moment.

It turned into an incredible day with a feeling of wellbeing that is difficult to match. I also captured an image I am proud of. Hit the link above to buy a limited edition print of the work.

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Landscape Photography Vlog - The wind tried to blow me off the mountain

A landscape photography vlog in the Lake District

In this landscape photography video blog I face some brutal weather conditions where the wind literally tried to blow me off the mountain.

Landscape Photography requires dedication and often a little bit of resilience in the face of bad weather. Often, following a bout with the elements, the conditions will open up and reveal an amazing photo opportunity at the end of the day. Pushing through the bad conditions would put most people off but for those willing to persevere, the rewards can be great. They can also result in a wasted, or less than successful day.


Clearly capturing landscape photography like this must be done carefully, bearing in mind the dangers presented by mountainous regions. Having the right gear like walking boots, waterproof clothing and a first aid kit is a must. It is also best to hike with a friend to back each other up.

If you take care though you will find yourself in locations offering amazing opportunities for capturing landscape photographs.

Haweswater Reservoir

In this video I travel to the Lake District and visit Haweswater Reservoir. This amazing man made reservoir is set amongst the mountains and provides drinking water to the city of Manchester. My photography trip today saw me climb the mountain of High Street, a long path across the top of the peaks near Keswick. Although the day started with fine weather, in typical fashion, this worsened as soon as I got to the top.

Photo opportunities were very limited at the top due to the very high wind, rain, cloud and sheer unpleasantness. It can feel pretty lonely when you are up there alone in those conditions.

The day ended well though where I captured a moody long exposure landscape photograph. Challenging conditions but a great day of shooting landscape photos.

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Landscape Photography Vlog - Ullswater and St Sunday Crag

A landscape photography vlog in the Lake District.

Vlog No. 7. In this landscape photography video blog I travel to the English Lake District again in search of the perfect sunset photograph.

When shooting landscape photography, planning is vital. I have spoken about this before but it is especially important with sunset photography. Finding the right spot with the sun in the right place is what can make the difference. Trekking out into the mountains ensures you will be achieving a unique shot that very few, if any, others have. You also need a little luck on your side that the weather will play along, especially in the Lake District.

I was also out to really put the Canon 5D mark IV through it’s paces for my upcoming review. The early indications are very impressive.

The First Man Vlog

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Watch this landscape photography themed vlog and you will see exactly what I mean.

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Overcome disappointment, face your fear and capture great photos

A landscape photography vlog in the Lake District. 

A landscape photography vlog in the Lake District.

In this photography video blog I travel to the English Lake District in search of some great landscape photography. My plan is to climb a mountain, film a tutorial, capture some landscapes and film some time lapses.

My video photography blogs are designed to entertain and give you a flavour of how I go about capturing my work. If you enjoy this photography blog I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel. There's lot more content to come.

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