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Bored of Landscape Photography and Finding a New Perspective

Ever been bored with landscape photography? I have, so todayI head out early to rediscover my passion during a sunrise shoot in NorthYorkshire.

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Burn Out

Over the last year I have shot landscape photography every week of the year and have shared all those experiences with you. Now I am feeling burnt out. It is a classic symptom of repetition and sometimes a break is required to rediscover a passion whilst exploring other avenues. The other week I was in the Lake District observing a perfectly beautiful sunrise and I just didn’t feel inspired. The drive to get out has just not been there since then. This happens to many photographers and is often something I go through towards the end of the Autumn. The colours have almost gone but the icy wintery nature has yet to arrive. 

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A need to create

Despite this I feel unfulfilled unless I am creating. Sitting around on the couch is not an option for me. I need to pour my efforts into other pursuits. You may have noticed I have not been vlogging for a few weeks and have instead focused on other areas of photography including water drop sand tech reviews. Hopefully you have found these videos useful and enjoyed them. They have given me the break from landscape photography I needed and also a break from the hours and hours I spend in the car.

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Finding a new perspective

In the video today I have rediscovered my mojo with a trip to the North York Moors national park. The weather was showing good signs and the trek up Hawnby Hill Crag in the darkness was well worth it for the sunriseI witnessed. I was also joined by a slightly creepy animal friend and captured some lovely Drone footage. It remains to be seen if my landscape photography passion is back in full force, but if not, it is well on the way.

If you are feeling in a rut leave a comment down below and let me know and we’ll see what we can do to get you out of it.

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