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Landscape Photography Vlog - The wind tried to blow me off the mountain

A landscape photography vlog in the Lake District

In this landscape photography video blog I face some brutal weather conditions where the wind literally tried to blow me off the mountain.

Landscape Photography requires dedication and often a little bit of resilience in the face of bad weather. Often, following a bout with the elements, the conditions will open up and reveal an amazing photo opportunity at the end of the day. Pushing through the bad conditions would put most people off but for those willing to persevere, the rewards can be great. They can also result in a wasted, or less than successful day.


Clearly capturing landscape photography like this must be done carefully, bearing in mind the dangers presented by mountainous regions. Having the right gear like walking boots, waterproof clothing and a first aid kit is a must. It is also best to hike with a friend to back each other up.

If you take care though you will find yourself in locations offering amazing opportunities for capturing landscape photographs.

Haweswater Reservoir

In this video I travel to the Lake District and visit Haweswater Reservoir. This amazing man made reservoir is set amongst the mountains and provides drinking water to the city of Manchester. My photography trip today saw me climb the mountain of High Street, a long path across the top of the peaks near Keswick. Although the day started with fine weather, in typical fashion, this worsened as soon as I got to the top.

Photo opportunities were very limited at the top due to the very high wind, rain, cloud and sheer unpleasantness. It can feel pretty lonely when you are up there alone in those conditions.

The day ended well though where I captured a moody long exposure landscape photograph. Challenging conditions but a great day of shooting landscape photos.

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Chasing Sunsets in Portugal - Vlog No. 4

Episode 4 of the First Man Vlog

In this video I am in Portugal on a family holiday but manage to slip away to chase a sunset down - If I can avoid getting trapped by the sea against the cliffs that is.

Sunset photography is totally dependant on the weather so I was praying that the skies would provide a good show for my one evening away.

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Don't Rely on the Great British Weather - Vlog No.1

Welcome to Episode 1 of the First Man Vlog.

Photography has been my passion for a very long time and it has always been an extremely satisfying pursuit. I have also dabbled here and there with creating videos and, since starting First Man Photography, I have remembered how much I love creating videos. It is a very different challenge though and has not always come easy to me.

However, I always intended First Man Photography to be more than just a place to find Photography tutorials. I also hoped it could become a community where anyone who loves photography could essentially come and ‘hang out’. That community is building slowly, but very surely, so I felt it was time to start producing content that is not only informative but also entertaining. This is the motivation behind this vlog and also the upcoming weekly show.

This photography Vlog will not be perfect but I hope you enjoy it and see me improve as I produce more and more episodes. I intend to stray away from photography on some occasions into other subject matters that interest me, as we are so often intelligent people with lots of varied interests.

Currently there is no frequency set for the vlog’s. I intend to do as many as possible but i will have to discover what time allows in the next few weeks.

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