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Landscape Photography - Quick woodland shoot and a channel update

Woodland Photography

I head to a local area to do some woodland photography and explore a nice little composition. There is also a quick update about the channel.

Woodland photography is full of contradictions. On the one hand you need great light to find the golden rays coming through the trees. On the other hand, thanks to the canopy, you can capture great images in the middle of the day or even when it is completely overcast. Also, you can capture great images in any weather because the trees protect from the wind and the rain meaning you are more likely to go out. On the other hand, prefect weather can take it to the next level. Those foggy mornings when the atmosphere of the wood is incredible and you can use the fog to isolate a single tree in your foreground.

So many days in my youth were spent in the woods, building dens, riding bikes and going on long walks. There was a very large wood on the doorstep and looked at it everyday for the first 16 years of my life. Strangely though I have not done much woodland photography in my time. Maybe this was because I took the woods for granted.

Compositions in familiar places

In this video I head out to some local woods I am very familiar with today. My mission is to find a nice little composition, essentially out of nothing, and really make it work. This is the beauty of landscape photography. There are always new compositions to find, even in place that are very familiar. Local landscapes can also be revisited over and over again, in any weather, at any time of the year until the images is perfected.

Most of us do not live on the doorstep of places like the Lake District. Landscape photography is not just about the big epic vistas though. Focusing down onto something smaller and something more intimate can still produce beautiful photographs and really tell the story of your area.

Channel Update

There is also some news about the First Man Photography channel. As the channel continues to grow I am working harder than ever to produce consistently high standard videos that people really want to see. This means more landscape photography vlogs, more real world reviews and vlogs covering macro and wildlife photography. With the current time I have available I can only sustain this by dropping to one video per week. New videos will now go up at 6pm on Sundays. There will still be additional videos now and again but I am not guaranteeing it every week. Be assured that I am working harder than ever to grow the channel and produce consistent and quality videos .

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