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Landscape Photography - Driving rain, gale force winds, and a race against the clock

Driving rain, gale force winds, and a race against the clock stand in my way of capturing a dramatic sunset in this landscape photography vlog. 

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In this week's landscape photography vlog I head back to North Yorkshire, close to where I grew up, to capture the famous Teesside landmark of Roseberry Topping. 

Landscape Photography Vlog

Recent landscape photography vlogs have seen me enjoying some pretty good weather. Since I hurt my back, the weather has been really poor. Today I decided to head out and brave the conditions in the hope of some great sunset photography. Sometimes when the weather forecast indicates a slight improvement at the end of the day, it can mean something spectacular. 


For this trip I set off late in the day and also got held up in traffic. It created and unintended race against the clock to shoot the photography vlog, capture some images and be in position for the sunset. My aim was to climb up Roseberry Topping, capture a couple of images and be over to a second location in time for some sunset photography. 

Roseberry Topping

Despite the challenges the day ended with a spectacular image of Roseberry Topping. The iconic hill and surrounding landscape were bathed in golden light for a few moments as the sun found a gap between the clouds. I took my moment, having already composed, and created a photograph that I am proud of. Great reward for a challenging day of shooting.

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