Vlog Image Editing and Review

Check out the videos below that go through the post-processing of images taken during a vlog. Includes editing tips and tricks, composition discussion and overall post-processing insights.

How to Remove Big Flare at Sunset

Here we take a look at how to remove the flare that can appear in your images when shooting towards the sun during sunset. The video looks at all the post production of all the images taken during the recent vlog with Paul G Johnson in the Peak District.

Watch the Vlog - https://youtu.be/82mhSE-xlrM

Download the Raw Files - Click here

3 Effective Ways to Remove Things from your Images - Click here

by Adam Karnacz

What Does the Bad Weather Preset Do?

In this video we go through the post-production of the lone tree image shot in the company of Charlie Waite. Using the ‘Bad Weather’ Preset included with your Raw Room subscription we edit two images to produce some dramatic results.

Watch the video with Charlie - https://youtu.be/zKMdz4UXuUQ

Download the preset pack - click here

Download the Norway Raw File - click here

by Adam Karnacz