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Welcome to the Raw Room podcast. A weekly podcast to answer all your questions, share some thoughts and discuss everything from life to photography.

EP5 - Which is the right ND Filter?


In today’s episode we answer some of the recently asked questions many of which seem to focus around the use of filters. I also announce an exciting new offer exclusively available to Raw Room subscribers.

ND Filter Numbers Chart - Click here

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by Adam Karnacz

EP4 - Opening the Raw Room Photography Challenge


In this episode we launch the new Raw Room Photography Challenge. A monthly photo challenge to inspire you to get creative. It’s not a competition but 10 images each month will be selected and be discussed in a video and the photographers will each get a free month on their subscription to the Raw Room.

Enter the July competition ‘Bokeh’ - Click here

by Adam Karnacz

EP3 - How to Make Money in Photography

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In this episode I talk about money. How you can make some money on the side, some of the issues with becoming a full time photographer and making money on YouTube. It’s one of the things I get asked about the most so just wanted to share some thoughts off the top of my head.

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by Adam Karnacz

EP2 - Thoughts on Shooting in Bad Weather and a Raw Room Update


In episode 2 of the Raw Room podcast I share some thoughts on ‘waiting for the bad weather’. There’s also some updates on the Raw Room after week 1 and ideas we’ll be implementing from subscribers.

by Adam Karnacz

EP1 - What to expect from the raw room


In this first episode of the Raw Room podcast I let you know what to expect from your Raw Room subscription, discuss making money on YouTube and answer a few of the most common questions I receive.

by Adam Karnacz