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Exclusive Discounts for Members


 25% off Framed Photographs & Prints by Adam Karnacz

As a member of the Raw Room you can get 25% all artwork produced by Adam. Includes both framed and unframed prints and any collections that are available. Use the offer code: RAWSUB25


25% off First Man Photography T-Shirts and Merch

Now get 25% off the awesome selection of T-Shirts and Merch from First Man Photography. Use the offer code TEES25 at checkout or hit the link below to apply the discount across the store.

10% off all bags and gear from F-Stop

I am thrilled to be able to offer this exclusive discount to Raw Room subscribers. F-Stop Gear make the finest camera bags in the world without question. You can now get 10% of all gear and bags by following the link below and use the offer code firstmanphotography at checkout.


Get 10% off the Loupedeck+

Loupedeck+ is a control surface used to control Lightroom, CaptureOne, Photoshop and more. I love it because it provides a much more artistic workflow when editing my images, making it a more enjoyable and creative process. Use the offer code FIRSTMAN10 to get an exclusive 10% discount. You’ll never look back.


Get a Free 30 day trial from Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a library of music that can be used to elevate the quality of videos. As any independent filmmaking or video creator will know, finding good music can be a time consuming and expensive endeavour. Epidemic Sound solves this with music to suit every taste.

Additional Offers

Additional offers that are available across all of First Man Photography.


Get a FREE trial of Squarespace and 10% of your first purchase.

Squarespace have sponsored First Man Photography for a number of years and are a huge supporter of independent creators. The service lets you build incredible websites (like this one) with little to no technical knowledge and a pricing plan that grows with you.

Get a FREE trial of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

We conducted a recent poll and discovered that over 80% of people use either Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. You can get a free trial of both by clicking the link.