Episode 3 - Conservative Photographer, Landscape Photography Vloggers and Q&A by Adam Karnacz

In Episode 3 of the First Man Photography Podcast I re-introduce the unpleasant concept of Conservative Photographer. An unpleasant, unhelpful and vindictive character who is operating on borrowed time. 

We also discuss the exciting arena of landscape photography vlogging and how this can benefit us all.

I finish off with some Q&A and discuss my all time favourite wildlife photography lens that I have been using in some of the recent vlogs where we have been capturing our animal friends.

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Episode 2 - The Back Story, Vlogging and Shooting in Manual by Adam Karnacz

Welcome to episode 2 of the First Man Photography podcast. In this episode I reveal more of my back story including my current status as a photographer. I answer questions about how long it takes to film a landscape photography vlog and talk a little more about the process and effort it takes to create the videos for YouTube.

There is a mini rant about how we should all be striving to shoot in manual mode and I am also looking for feedback on this podcast and want you to help me take it a direction that you provide listeners with more photography value.

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