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Water Drop Photography - How to Use the SplashArt Dropper


Capture water drop collisions using the SplashArt Dropper. 

Water drop photography is a very popular form of photography thanks to the amazing moments in time that it captures. In a previous video I detailed how to do water drop photography using a basic setup with standard household items. The video also touched on how to use an electronic water drop system called the Splashart dropper.

water drop photography


Since that video many of you have been sharing your images and have also invested your time and money into water drop photography and purchased the Splashart dropper. Following that there have been numerous requests for another video detailing how to use the SplashArt Drop System. This video answers that question.

The Splashart Dropper can be purchased here.

The system has a water bath that produces drops through a solenoid and nozzle. The release of the drops is controlled through an electronic control panel.

water drop photography

The SplashArt dropper uses an electric control panel that has four control knobs. The first knob controls the size of the first drop. The second knob covers the time between the two drops. The third controls the size of the second drop and the bottom knob controls the delay between pressing the activation button and when the camera is fired.

Whilst much of water drop photography is automated there is still a large amount of creativity and patience required. It is a matter of trial and error and the creativity comes from your composition, lighting, colour combinations and your post processing. Follow the link below to see how I post-process my water drop photography images.

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