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How to Use the Guided Upright Tool - Lightroom Tutorial


Correct Perspective in Lightroom with the Guided Upright Tool

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Abobe Lightroom received an update this week available to Creative Cloud members. The update brought an interesting new feature called Guided Upright that is only available to Adobe CC members.

Guided Upright is a tool designed to correct perspective in your images. We have always been able to do this in Photoshop through various Transform tools but this new tool in Adobe Lightroom opens it up to a wider group of users and makes the process quick, easy and effective.

guided upright

The tool is particularly useful when correcting images of buildings such as cityscapes and other images including straight lines. When shooting cityscapes with an ultra wide angle lens the buildings can appear distorted and the lines are not straight from top to bottom or left to right even though you have your horizon perfectly lined up. This is an unavoidable physics problem caused by the wide perspective of the lens. A tilt shift lens, using the shift feature, can correct this naturally but these lenses are usually very expensive. That leaves us to correct it in post-processing and the Guided Upright it my new favourite tool in Lightroom.

Watch the video now for the tutorial on how to use the Guided Upright Tool. When correcting your images, Lightroom will generate white space in your image due to how it has manipulate the picture. This can be resolved by either cropping or zooming slightly, or my preferred method, to clone some of the image back into the white space. Using the content aware fill feature in Photoshop is a particular effective way to do this. This is also covered in the video.

You can see the subtle and effective changes that can be used in this picture that mimics what a tilt and shift lens does.

lightroom tutorial

guided upright tool

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