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The Exposure Triangle


Understanding the Exposure Triangle.

In this video tutorial we introduce the concept of the exposure triangle that contains the three elements of exposure: ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Understanding Exposure is one of the most important technical skills you will learn during your journey as a photographer and is vital to producing beautiful images on a regular and consistent basis.

It is so important in fact that here at First Man Photography the belief is everyone should have access to this information in order to get the best out of your gear and reach the next stage of your photography journey without any barriers. Having written the photography guide, Understanding Exposure, it seemed the only fair thing to do was to give the eBook away for free.

In the book we explain and lay out the Exposure Triangle and break down the three elements that form it; ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. See how each of them work and how we can use Aperture to create beautiful blurred backgrounds or 'bokeh' and how shutter speed is used to freeze action or, conversely, create movement in your image.

The book lays out in simple terms how to control the exposure settings on your camera and the various modes that can be used like Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority. It explains how to make minor adjustments using Exposure Compensation and introduces the concept of shooting in manual mode.  Once mastered the camera simply becomes an extension of your body where you no longer think about the technical aspects of shooting, leaving you to focus your creativity to capture beautiful images every time.

The book has been created in two different versions. Firstly a beautiful, rich and interactive iBooks version for you iPad, iPhone or Mac and secondly a PDF document giving you the flexibility to read the book on virtually any device.

To get your copy of the eBook and start mastering exposure now, simply fill in your details and download your preferred copy.

A Guide to Capturing Perfect Exposure

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