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We look at a couple of ways to easily create an awesome Hyperlapse to enhance the story of your films and videos.

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Time Lapse Vs Hyperlapse

We looked at how to do a high quality time lapse the other day so what is the difference between a time lapse and hyperlapse?

They are both quite similar and employ the same photographic techniques and both help to move the story along by condensing a large period of time into a small clip. They can both be done by either speeding up video or capturing a series of still images. The main difference is the movement. In a time lapse it is important for something to be moving in the frame like the clouds or a car. With a hyperlapse the movement in created with the camera, essential moving through time and through space. 

When I do my hyperlapses I simply film normal video and speed it up in post production and that's what we're going to do today. Taking a series of still images whist moving is time consuming and does not particularly add that much to the overall film. 

It's particular effective with drone footage. 

Camera Gear

Just a video camera is required. I use my Canon 800D vlogging camera. Try and keep the camera as stable as possible, but for my vlogs a little shake does not matter once it is speeded up. So set the video going and then just start walking. When you have got to your final point stop the recording and you're done and it’s time to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In the tutorial we go through the editing process in Adobe Premiere and take a couple of minutes to create the final clip.

Very easy and very effective.