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How to do Panorama Photography


Capture the world in wide with Panorama Photography

Panorama Photography or panoramic photography has become very popular since the feature was introduced on mobile phones. Images can be easily created being moving the phone around in an arc and capturing the scene in front of you.

However there is still a lot of value in capturing these images using a DSLR or mirrorless camera thanks to the extra quality. Comparing an iPhone panorama to a DSLR/mirrorless panorama is like comparing any other image in these different formats. The DSLR is always going to offer better quality.

panoramic photography

The key to capturing amazing panorama photography is to get out and travel to somewhere amazing. This may seem obvious but so often this seems to be forgotten. The effort, hard work and investment is what takes your photography to the next level.

Beyond that panorama photography is achieved by taking several images and then stitching them together to make a very wide image using Adobe Lightroom.

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It can also be done in Photoshop but Lightroom makes it extremely easy. Maximum detail can be achieved by shooting the individual shots in portrait rather than landscape orientation. Ideally the images would be captured using a tripod but handholding is perfectly possible using the right technique.

Panorama photography really doesn't translate very well on screen due to the lack of screen real estate. Undoubtedly the best way to communicate panorama photography is to print it. Print it. Print it large. A beautiful landscape panorama printed very large packs a huge punch with a wow factor beyond compare. Trust me. Try it.

The tutorial was shot in the town I grew up in and my day is featured in my up coming vlog due for release this Sunday.

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