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How to shoot RAW files on your iPhone


iOS 10 will let you shoot raw files on your iPhone with Lightroom mobile. The results are simply amazing.

Most people interested in photography will be aware of RAW files. They are essentially digital negatives. They contain all the data the camera sensor collects in an uncompressed format so no data is lost. This means you have much greater flexibility when editing, giving more accurate and detailed adjustments with things like exposure, white balance and colour tone. Just not possible when dealing with compressed files like jpegs.

Thanks to a recent update in Adobe Lightroom Mobile and to Apple’s iOS 10 you can now shoot DNG RAW files with your iPhone and the results are simply astounding. It's like having a whole new camera.

In the video I will show you how to shoot the images, how you can edit them in either Lightroom mobile or your desktop and then look at a few comparison shots so you can see what can be achieved.

Lightroom Mobile

You need to actually shoot your image using the Lightroom app rather than the iOS 10 native camera app and make sure the DNG RAW setting is selected. Once you do, go ahead and shoot your shot. You then have all the editing functions you normally have using Adobe Lightroom. You can start your edit on the phone and then move over to the computer if you wish.

I am amazed about how effective the iPhone camera now actually is. Pulling detail out of highlights and adjusting exposure that is just not possible with jpegs.

Here you can see an image edited from the native camera app. Details are lost in the highlights and you are limited to how much exposure can be adjusted. Look what happens when the same shot is captured in RAW. The difference is amazing.



[tie_slide]iphone-raw-3 [/tie_slide]


The post processing that can now be done is just much much greater. Like turning an image like this:


Into an images like this:


Adobe Photography Plan with Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom Mobile Tutorial Gone Wrong


How to edit Raw Files on an iPad, iPhone or Android using Lightroom Mobile.

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When I started out shooting this video I had a solid plan in mind and was looking to raise the bar on my normal tutorials. Sometimes things don’t go to plan though and events can take a different direction. Watch the video now to see what happened.

However this is still a video about Lightroom Mobile which is an excellent system that allows us to edit RAW files on mobile devices like an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Raw files are amazing things and contain a massive amount of data so are not yet the natural Partner of mobile devices. Adobe have therefore come up with a pretty slick method of dealing with this.

We start Lightroom and import your raw files into your computer as Normal. Add the images to a collection and then hit the sync with Lightroom mobile.

Once this is done you can head out with your iPad, iPhone or Android device and start editing the photos. You have access to many of Lightroom’s normal adjustments and are free to head out and edit wherever you choose.

Once the files have been adjusted on the iPad, Lightroom Mobile will sync them back to your computer with the RAW file fully adjusted.

It is an extremely useful, and easy to use feature, when you don't want to carry a laptop around or you quickly want to share or adjust your images whilst showing your work to colleagues, clients or friends.

Give it a try and let me know what you think or if you've already been putting it to good use, I would love to know.

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