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How to Make a YouTube Video


Everything you need to know how to make a youtube video.

Since starting this channel one of the most requested videos i have been asked to make is how I make my videos.

How to make a youtube video is the kind of video that every Youtube creator seems to make and I feel some of them are very narrow and don’t always give all the information that people are looking for to create awesome videos.  This however is a photography channel so we’re well placed to give you all the info you will need to start filming professional looking YouTube videos.

Before you start thinking about what gear you are going to buy you need to think about the style of video you want to make that fits the content you will be creating.

You can have a plain background like the grey background I use in many of my videos. It is good for reviews and unboxing’s and gives the video a focused and professional look with a background free from distractions.

You can film at a desk like in my tutorial videos to give a more relaxed feel. It is a good angle for mixing in with screencasts or gaming videos to add a layer of interest to those videos and provide a closer connection to the audience.

You can film outdoors. Or you can vlog. We all like to vlog right? Check my vlogs here -

Or you can create a shot with dreamy background blur for beauty videos. These are particularly common.

Once you have decided on style you can start to look at the gear you will need. Vlogging is the most simple setup. I have covered my vlog setup in a previous video. Click here to view -

The first thing you’ll need is obviously a camera. A DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the best quality with the ability to use a variety of lenses. A point and shoot is also an option but will not have the same quality.

Next to think about is the sound. On board camera sound is so often tinny and unpleasant due to the tiny microphone included with your camera. At the very least you will need a better microphone that will attach to your camera. Something like this Rode VideoMic Pro will be perfect. You can take sound to the next level by removing the microphone from the camera and getting it closer to you. This is my setup and the rode video mic plugs into this Zoom H4N recorder. I clap at the start of my videos and then sync the video and the sound later on in post production.

These are two vital things to think about. The final bit of gear you will need to take your videos to the next level is a proper lighting setup. When vlogging and shooting outdoors you might not need extra lighting but when shooting videos indoors it becomes important.

I use two main video lights that can be bought relatively cheaply on amazon. It’s also important to light up your background to provide some separation between you and your back drop. It adds another layer of interest to your video that will keep your viewers engaged. I use this home-made DIY panel. I really like it as it is small, low powered and offers a slightly different coloured light, so when used with my main lights creates this interesting and slightly purple light.

Once you’re all set you need to focus you camera. Some cameras like the 70D and 80D from Canon have sophisticated autofocus that tracks your face but otherwise it's just a case of focusing the camera where your eyes will be. You do this by placing something like a mic stand in your place and then focus on that or just get someone to help you.

Once all the gear is in place it's just a case of getting going and doing the hard bit and creating some awesome content.

Best of luck.

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See the gear I use below:

I am not recommending any particular video light setup at this time. Search 'video lights' on amazon and I use two 4x135w lights.