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Landscape Photography Editing - Fine Art Landscape


How I edit a fine art landscape.

In this video we go through the editing techniques and post-processing to create a fine art landscape using Adobe Lightroom.

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This video has come about thanks to the suggestion of a valued subscriber who asked me to go through the post processing of some images. Happy to oblige I went through the edit of one of my recent shots taken whilst in Glenelg on the West Coast of Scotland. Since we have been on a landscape theme recently I thought some landscape photography editing would be a good place to start.

With the conditions I was faced with on the day, the scene immediately screamed black and white. I went ahead and shot a four minute long exposure, planning to turn the image into a fine art landscape photograph. Long exposure lends itself very well to fine art photography.

The fine art landscape editing is done purely in Adobe Lightroom although the final touch is added using Silver Efex form Google's Nik Collection. This final step does not feature in the video as I will be creating future tutorials covering this.

The image used was shot in raw. We go through all the steps and sliders used in Lightroom to post process the image and complete our fine art landscape edit.

During the post processing we use a software version of the ND grad filter and use this to bring out some detail and drama from the sky. This is a very effective landscape photography editing tool and is starting to render the physical version of this filter useless. See my recent video discussing camera filters.

If you enjoy the video and find it useful please let me know and I will make photography editing videos a regular feature.

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