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Best Photo and Video Editing Monitor 2017 – Viewsonic VP2785-4K

In this week’s extra video we are going to take a look at the new Viewsonic VP2785-4K monitor and discuss why you might need a good quality monitor for your photo and video editing.

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There’s just so much to think about. White balance, lighting, colour spaces and colour grading and when you are doing most things on your own, to a tight schedule, it’s tough. So recently when Viewsonic got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their new 4k colour calibrated photo and video editing monitor I was very happy to give it a try. 

For full transparency, Viewsonic are not paying me but they have sent me this monitor so it’s not a completely unbiased review. However I would never tell you about something that I didn’t totally believe in or use myself.

Part of the problem I have been having is colour accuracy. When you edit a video or a photograph you want to know the colour is accurate. I have been plagued with problems where I edit and colour grade a video and then it looks totally different on my laptop or my phone. This is where having a calibrated and accurate monitor comes in and is exactly what this Viewsonic VP27854-K monitor provides me. It means I can be confident that the colour I am seeing on the screen is accurate and to a standard. 

This monitor has built in presets for different colourspaces too. It covers 99% of the Adobe RGB and 100% of the sRGB colour space and I can switch between them freely depending on what I am doing. Most online images are in sRGB so I can check exactly what it will look like. The monitor also has an intelligent ambient light sensor that controls the output of the monitor so I have accurate colour in all circumstances no matter what the light situation is in my room. It is also a high quality panel with uniform colour and brightness right across the screen, whatever angle I view it from. This is something cheap screens really struggle with and is a big bonus. 

It is also been brilliant for my photography too. I want to deliver colour accurate images to clients and this is particularly important when printing. Often in the past I will print an image and the colours will look different to what’s on the screen, maybe slightly warmer or more magenta and it left me unhappy and frustrated. I dealt with this by first printing out small images to make sure the colour was right on the print before reproducing it full size. This was both costly and time consuming. With this monitor, thanks to the colour accuracy, I now do not need that step. I can go into my print screen, load up the profile for my printer and paper and the final print looks virtually the same.

The Viewsonic VP2785 4K is pretty well future proofed too. Like many screens these days it is 4k but this has a high pixel density and is also ready for HDR10 content giving you those brighter colours and richer contrast. It has the new USB-C input as well as numerous other ways to connect. I am currently using the monitor with my macbook pro and mini displayport which drives the monitor at the full 60hz.

This monitor is clearly not for everyone and is not cheap.But if you are a pro or a keen enthusiast then colour accuracy is going to be hugely important to you. This is an excellent 10bit monitor with a stunning screen that has completely removed the problem of colour accuracy from my workflow, saving me both time and money. Its also been a joy to use and the monitor and the image it produces just looks great. 

Moving forward I'm hoping to do more videos mid week and the all the videos will be a mix of photography vlogs, tutorials and gear reviews. Subscribe if that's something that sounds interesting and leave a comment and let me know what is currently your biggest gear or tech problem. If I can make a video to help you out then that's exactly what I will do. 

See you on another very soon