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What's in my Camera Bag? | Wild Camping Edition

Take a peek inside my camera bag to see all the photography gear and wild camping kit that I hiked up a mountain during my latest landscape photography vlog.

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There is nothing lightweight about camera gear. We are literally carrying around chunks of glass and metal. This is not too much of a problem for many situations but with landscape photography it is a big issue. To get the very best landscapes it often means getting off the beaten track and carrying your gear so we need things to be lightweight. Add in a shooting video and then add in camping equipment, we suddenly have a very heavy camera bag.

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On my recent landscape photography vlog, where I collaborated with Gary Gough Photography, we hiked up one of the biggest mountains in the Lake District called Great End. It stands at 900m with an 800m climb from the car. With my bag as light as possible, so I could achieve everything i wanted, the bag still weighed in at over 20kg. I therefore wanted to create this video so you could see what i had with me and what I had to sacrifice and leave behind.

The extra weight from the wild camping gear meant I could not bring the full range of lenses that I normally do. Water alone is shockingly heavy. On a hot day hiking a mountain you will need at least a litre of water every couple of hours. One litre of water weighs 1kg, heavy. Thankfully the water purifier meant I could carry less and refill but it is something that is vital to think about. However I still had to leave the 24-70mm lens behind. Normally my go to lens, I suspected I could get away with the 17-40mm and 70-200mm. I also didn’t want to sacrifice the drone.

Despite the weight and the hard climb it was absolutely worth it once we got to the top. Enjoying challenging adventures like this though hinges on being prepared and having the right gear. Once you do you are free to enjoy the stunning views and experiences that wild camping and photography have to offer.

F-Stop Sukha Camera Bag Review

In this video we take a look at the best camera bag I have ever owned.

I have mentioned a few times in the comments recently that I have not been happy with my current camera bag. It is a Lowepro Backpack. It is fine but since I have started vlogging and needing to carry more and more gear with me I have needed something bigger, more rugged and more comfortable for carrying up mountains. This is where the F-Stop Sukha Camera Bag comes into play.

F-Stop are known for creating bags that are dedicated for photographers who like getting out and about into the elements. Most hiking bags are not designed for photographers. Accessing your gear can be extremely difficult, especially in the field when the lens you want is right at the bottom and it is raining.

F-Stop Sukha Camera Bag - Innovative design

The F-Stop Sukha Camera Bag deals with that problem with an innovative design. Roll the bag over into 'work station' mode and you have access to all your gear the through the back panel.

The gear sits in the internal camera unit, or ICU. F-Stop make various sizes of these to suit most photographers and includes one with the ability to take an exceptionally large telephoto lens. The ICU lifts out and can act as it's own protective case. The lid can just fold back and slide into the bag.

The Sukha is so big there is still plenty of room for things like camping gear or other trekking type gear. There is a pocket designed to accept a laptop but also doubles up to accept a hydration system.

The Sukha is designed to handle even severe weather. It is a waterproof camera bag but also uses snag proof material. The quality of this thing is exceptional. It feels well built and is also very comfortable even with a full load.

External Storage

There are a host of other pockets and external storage options. It even fits a travel tripod like the Manfrotto BeFree and easily accepts a gorilla pod. Bigger tripods will easily attach to the outside.

Clearly the F-Stop Sukha Camera Bag is not for everyone. However, for those getting out and about into the elements there are currently few, if any, better options than an F-Stop bag. It is especially versatile. It also acts as a normal hiking bag by taking the ICU out and leaving it at home.

The only downside is the cost. At over £300 with the ICU it's an expensive bag, there's no doubt about it. However, the high quality and the ability to use different ICU's will make this a valuable asset for years and years to come. I haven't tested this out in anger yet and will be doing so soon on my next vlog. I will give you an update then but I'm sure all will be positive.

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