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Ridiculously Powerful Head Torch

In this video I unbox a ridiculously powerful head torch.

When I started this channel I said I was going to feature things that might not obviously relate to photography. I have not done this as often as I would like so I'm putting that right today by featuring this head torch.

Having a torch is essential for photographers who are working outside at night. Particularly for Astrophotography but also we are often trekking to locations in the dark to capture sunrises and sunsets.

Up to now I have been using a small yet power LED torch. It is decent quality but holding it in your hand creates it’s own restrictions. I have also been using a different less powerful head torch. It does a job but never satisfied I want more. More light. I want more power.

Who wouldn't?

Canwelum head torch

I be picked up this Canwelum head torch with a massively bright CREE T6 LED lightsource. In the video I unbox the torch and give an example of it’s brightness where it can even double as a video light.

Many torches like use normal AA batteries but this one uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries for longer use. It also has the ability to focus the beam which is extremely useful. The head torch also has two power settings with a more economical mode for longer use.

Advertised run time is not as good as hoped at 2-5 hours depending on the mode. However that is still going to be plenty in most situations.

I can't wait to get out and use this. Even better it comes in currently at £19 in the UK and about $20 in the US. I'll put the links down below for you to check it out and I'll see you on another video very soon.

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