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Canon 5D Mark IV Full Real World Review

I climb a mountain to put the Canon 5D Mark IV through its paces in this real world review. 

The Canon 5D Mark IV is a camera built for professionals and serious enthusiasts. Lots of reviews out there give you hard figures about camera performance and a detailed explanation of what every mode does. These are great but I wanted to get the camera out into the real world, to put it through it's paces in a scenario where we will actually be shooting. I have had the Canon 5D Mark IV since it was realeasd in the UK and have used it in a variety of situations so feel I am suitably qualified to review it.
In the video I travel to the Lake District to climb a snow capped mountain in search of some amazing landscape scenes, a little wildlife and the odd macro shot. Watch the video now to see the story of the day and my full opinion on the Canon 5D Mark IV.
Firstly Canon sold the camera based on some new 'killer' features.
The dual pixel raw was one such feature. Canon claims this is used to make minor adjustments to focus in post processing. In testing of found this made minimal to zero difference. In the practical world dual pixel raw will be something I never use.

Canon 5D Mark IV 4K.

The Canon 5D Mark IV does have 4K shooting. However it comes with a number of caveats that will render it useless for the vast majority of shooters. Firstly, the Canon 5D Mark IV is full frame but when shooting 4k it employs a 1.74 crop which is far from ideal when all the lenses in your bag are based on the 35mm equivalent. Secondly, the Motion JPEG file format creates huge files that means any serious 4K shooting is unlikely to take place on this camera. If you need 4K shooting in jam, the 5D will have you covered.
The Canon 5D Mark IV has some huge strengths though and these make the purchase worthwhile. The high resolution 30.4MP sensor makes a big difference in many circumstance such as portrait and and landscape photography. It also has an exceptional auto focus system taken straight off the Canon 1DX Mark II. This is fast, accurate and is the best autofocus system I have ever used. It is perfect for wildlife photography especially when combined with my trusty Canon 400mm f5.6 L lens.
The Canon 5D is an exceptional camera bringing several existing Canon features, and a few new ones, into the 5D package. Despite the barmy European pricing this is the perfect camera in so many circumstances. As a Landscape photographer and a wedding photographer I could not be happier.
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