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Canon PIXMA Pro-10s Photo Printer Review

A review of the Canon PIXMA Pro10-s photo printer.

This excellent printer creates fantastic professional prints that are indistinguishable from those made in a lab.

The Canon Pro-10s is a professional photo printer that sits in middle of the pro line of printer from Canon between the Canon Pro-100s and the Canon Pro-1. All three printers will print all sizes from 4x6 inches up to an impressive A3+ size. 

The Canon PIXMA Pro-10s strikes the right balance between quality and value. It has a 10 ink system where as the Canon Pro 100 has eight and the Canon Pro 1 has twelve.

Chroma Optimizer Ink

Like the higher end models this includes the Chroma Optimizer ink. This is a special clear ink that helps produce deeper blacks, adds a uniform glossy finish prints and expands the colour gamut. You have the option to switch it on or off. When you used with the luster paper the final prints have an ultra professional look that exudes class. Using it with full gloss paper creates a dreamy saturated finish - especially good for my water drops photography.

The Canon Pro-10s is also compatible with the Canon Print Studio Plugin for Adobe Lightroom. This is missing from the lower end Canon Pro 100 but it makes printing an absolute breeze. You can adjust the settings, tell it which paper you are using and preview print profiles. You can also set up a series of prints, stack the printer with the right paper then leave it to do the rest.


Connectivity comes in the form of either USB, Ethernet or wireless. I have had mixed success with the wireless printing. It works well most of the time but on a couple of occasions I have suffered connectivity problems with the printer, when this happens the printer just gives up and spits the paper out at whatever stage of completion it happens to be in. This is not ideal, especially when you consider the cost of the paper you are feeding through.

I have settled for using the ethernet connection. I have the printer wired into my router and then I can still print wirelessly from my laptop. This has been flawless up to now with no more failed prints.


This printer is not going to be for everyone as the costs can quickly add up. I picked this up for just under £500. It comes with a set of starter inks but the ink costs about £100 for a full set. The printeruses the inks at different rates so after the initial purchase you should only need to replace each individual ink as and when you use it. This is actually a benefit of the 10 ink system because you are not wasting inks in multi ink cartridges.

The paper is of varying costs depending on which type you get. There is no doubt this is an amazing thing and having the ability to print your work to a high professional standard is very addictive. If you are selling prints then the maths might work out for. Having said that we think nothing of buying thousands of pounds worth of camera gear and lenses so spending a few hundred on a printer like this might be what you need to put the cherry on top of your photography cake.

The images created by this printer are truly stunning and I found them to be indistinguishable from those made in a lab.

Why I bought this printer

I have now generated enough interest in my work to justify buying this printer. To create a new outlet for my work I am happy to announce that from today I have relaunched the first man photography website. I will put a link down below and I would love it if you will check it out. You can see all my work, purchase prints, pick up the awesome First Man T-shirt and still see all the content from the channel over in the Video section.

I am going to be offering more prints for sale from my portfolio over the coming weeks. And as I continue to document my journey in the landscape photography vlogs, some of the best work will then be available as soon as the video comes out. Giving you the option see the whole story of my work from it's very concept and creation to the point where the finished piece lands on your wall.

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