Master Your Landscape Photography


Take your landscape photography to the next level today with this masterclass from First Man Photography. Includes 7 hours of brand new video content that will inspire, entertain and educate.

We guide you though the entire photography process from planning through to print. Giving you confidence in your camera and building skills in the field, there is nothing stopping you from making some beautiful landscape photographs.

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Adam aka First Man Photography is a professional landscape photographer with years of teaching experience helping people maximise their photography skills. He is a tutor for leading tour company Light & Land, working alongside other world renowned landscape photographers such as Charlie Waite and Joe Cornish. He has a reputation for simplifying the technical aspects of photography, freeing people to confidently explore and improve their art.

With a YouTube audience of over 101K avid photographers, Adam understands the challenges and common problems that virtually all landscape photographers face.


  • “I really struggle to ‘see’ the image when I get into the landscape. Some landscape photographers make it look so easy!”

  • “I’ve been shooting for a while using aperture priority and the results are ok. I know I will have more control using the manual mode but just need help understanding the meter, histogram and different modes.

  • “I’m ok with the camera settings but I really struggle finding good compositions”

  • “I never know where to focus!!”

  • “There’s some great photographers out there and I’d love to take images like that. There’s just so much to learn though, it’s overwhelming and I always end up procrastinating. It gets very frustrating and I feel like I am stuck in a rut.”

  • “I know I should be printing my pictures but I tried once and the colours just looked terrible. I really felt like I wasted my money”

  • “I would like to become a professional, or at least make a bit of money to pay for gear, but I don’t know where to begin!”


If any of this sounds familiar don’t worry - you’re not alone!! This masterclass is designed to help you maximise your potential as a landscape photographer. All the skills can be learned and mastered. It won’t be long before people are saying ‘wow, you really have the eye!!’

£85 £5.99

Masterclass is now included with a Raw Room subscription for £5.99 per month. Cancel at any time.


“I have just finished the Composition section and it is something you should be very proud of. There is a lot in there and I think it will really get the viewers on the right path to developing their own compositional skills.”


“Hi Adam, I am working my way through your masterclass. Great content and I am learning loads thanks.”


“The Introduction was fantastic, it gave me tingles. It made me really excited about diving into the rest of the videos, very motivational.”

“I think you did a great job of stripping the most technical jargon out and giving us the information we need to gain a better understanding”


“If you’re looking for yet another buttons and knobs tutorial then this is not for you. If you need help and guidance to be a photographic artist then there is a bounty of advice in this Masterclass. Probably the most important thing I have taken from this Masterclass is that I need to slow down the process and be patient enough to feel the image in front of me. In conclusion this course highlighted my failings and as such gave me the incentive to improve.”


£85 £5.99

Masterclass is now included with a Raw Room subscription for £5.99 per month. Cancel at any time.






We take a detailed look at composition including developing our own approach. We explain composition rules such as the rule of thirds and how to apply the golden spiral to create some vibrant and exciting images.

Making the Image

Making the Image.jpg

Getting out into the landscape we look at how to capture the image in camera and develop our field craft. We discuss the various aspects of our camera including shooting modes, metering, histograms and focusing.



Printing is possibly the most important part of the photography process. It is where we bring the work to life to become a genuine piece or artwork. Here we simplify the process whether we are printing in a lab or printing images ourselves at home.

The Exposure Triangle

The Exposure Triangle.jpg

We go through the basics of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO to give you confidence in your camera. Knowledge of the exposure triangle is simply a foundation for any photography journey.

Creative Control

Creative Control.jpg

In this chapter we take look at how to use Aperture and Shutter speed creatively. Whether we capture movement in water or isolate a subject from the background, we can use these techniques to enhance the story of a landscape.

Photographic Equipment

Photographic Equipment.jpg

Here we look at the camera gear that will maximise the creative possibilities in our landscape photography. We pay particular attention to lens choice and how we can best use particular focal length ranges to our benefit.

Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure.jpg

Long exposure is an exciting technique that we can apply to our work. It provides a unique perspective of the natural world beyond what we normally experience. Here we explain exactly how to create some stunning long exposure images from start to finish.


Post Processing.jpg

Capturing the image in camera is just one part of the landscape photography process. In this chapter we discuss how to bring our images to life to match what we witnessed and what we felt at the time. Also download the included Lightroom preset pack!!

Light and Perspective

Light and Perspective.jpg

Light is the very essence of not just photography, but of life itself. Here we discuss how to get the best from light in the different situations we find ourselves in. We also look at the importance of finding the right perspective which allows us to formulate some beautiful compositions.



Planning is a key part of the landscape photography process. Proper planning allows us to make the most of the shooting conditions and keeps us safe when venturing into the outdoors. Here we look at various apps and websites that will help to streamline the process.

Learning the Art

Learning the Art.jpg

Landscape photography is so much more than a technical skill. Here we discuss the value of exploring the artistic side of the craft and look at a process of learning that will help us along our photographic journey.

Why we Do Landscape Photography

Why we Do Landscape Photography.jpg

Here we get out and about and remind ourselves exactly why we do landscape photography. We head to the Lake District for a day in the mountains and find something incredible at the top!

Exploring Different Landscapes

Exploring Different Landscapes.jpg

Landscape photography is a broad subject and any location can provide opportunities to make great images. Here we discuss how to get the best out of landscapes such mountain scenes, woodland, seascapes and moorland.

Communicating the Work

Communicatingthe Work.jpg

Art is a form of communication so it makes sense that when our work is complete, we share it with the world. However putting yourself out there is difficult and can be a barrier for many. Here we discuss a variety of ways we can share our work including tips on how to build an audience online.

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£85 £5.99

Masterclass is now included with a Raw Room subscription for £5.99 per month. Cancel at any time.