Whitby and Sandsend - 2nd December 2018

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Whitby and Sandsend-3.jpg
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Whitby and Sandsend-2.jpg

Whitby and Sandsend - 2nd December 2018


The world famous town of Whitby provide some thrilling and varied photography opportunities. From the stunning abbey, unique harbour wall and amazing coastline towards Sandsend this workshop has something to offer for every landscape photographer.

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What is Included

  • A tour around this stunning coastal landscape and town providing numerous opportunities to capture some breathtaking shots.
  • Tuition and guidance provided throughout the day, on both a one to one and group basis, to maximise your potential.
  • Meet in Whitby at 8am. Workshop will conclude around 4pm after sunset.
  • Workshops will normally be delivered to groups of three.


Easy - This workshop involves easy walking around the town and beaches. Whitby is hilly and has steps that need to be negotiated. The day will be achievable for most people with a reasonable level of fitness. There is no disabled access to the beach.

The Photographer

Adam Karnacz - Adam is the owner and operator of First Man Photography. He is one of the world's leading landscape photographers on YouTube. His passion and charisma have inspired countless people, from all over the world, to get off the couch and start capturing some landscape photography. He is an experienced trainer with a supportive and encouraging style. His enthusiasm and knowledge will give you confidence with your camera and help you capture some incredible landscape images.


The course is a 1-day course and will last at least 8 hours. Exact times will be dependant on the workshop you have selected and the daylight hours at any given time of year.

Bespoke Workshops

If you have a larger party, such as a family or camera club, arrangements can be easily made to accommodate. Please contact us with your requirements, party size and desired location. One to one workshops are also available on request.

Watch the Video

Watch the landscape photography vlog that inspired this workshop.