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Mountain Views and Getting Back to Basics - Landscape Photography Vlog

Back to Basics

Stunning sunset photography, mountain views, and a visit to the Lake District all feature in this landscape photography vlog that sees me get back to basics.

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In this Landscape photography vlog I recover from the recent challenges and get back to basics with a trip to the English Lake District. I climb a mountain, live in hope of the right weather and capture some stunning sunset photography. 

Special Landscape Photography Days

Days when you capture your best landscape photography are rare. It provides frustrations and anguish on a regular basis but when things go right, it is very very special. You have the composition, the light comes good and you shoot an image to be proud of. It is because this does not happen every day that it becomes so special. All the struggles and learning suddenly become worth it.

Long Spring Evenings

Making the most of the longer Spring days I headed across to the Lake District late in the day to climb Wall Crag overlooking Derwent Water. What a landscape photography tutorial often ignores is that climbing up mountains and hills is not easy for many people. I am included in this at the moment due to dreadful fitness. I stated a long time ago that I would address this problem. I haven't yet. I must.

Stunning Mountain View

When i made to the top I was welcomed with a stunning view. I played around with several compositions and settled on one that included some of the crag in foreground. One of my favourite landscape photography techniques is to use bracketing instead of ND grad filters. I prefer this for a number of reasons, and will be making a video about this soon, but it ensures I don't miss the big sunset moment.

It turned into an incredible day with a feeling of wellbeing that is difficult to match. I also captured an image I am proud of. Hit the link above to buy a limited edition print of the work.

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