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Landscape Photography - Mountain Weather and Changing Plans

Landscape Photography in the mountains.

I trek to the the top of Haystacks in the Lake District and am reminded the weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Landscape photography vlog.

I am back from the Isle of Mull. It was a great trip but I am glad to be home. When it comes to landscape photography, for me at the moment, that means the Lake District.

Buttermere in the Lake District

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District is the area around Buttermere lake. It is locked by mountains on all sides which creates a beautiful and dramatic landscape. Unlike some places, as you begin to climb, the possible compositions get better and better with a huge variety of images available. There are Tarns, mountains, and craggy rocks that have witnessed the ages pass and are waiting to have their story told.

My day started in the First Man Photography studio and, following a drive, I found myself in a very sunny and stunning landscape. After capturing my first couple of images of the day, and hiking to the top, the weather changed on me fast. This can happen in the mountains and is something you should always be prepared for. You need the right gear, the right fitness and the right experience. It is always advisable to go in company with a friend too because things can become dangerous. A map and compass is also vital because it is easy to lose the path when the weather turns, especially in fog.

Great landscape photography can be captured in any weather though. Often as the weather is turning you can capture some amazingly dramatic images. I had found a nice composition with a tarn backed by mountains where I was more sheltered from the wind. A long exposure shot ensured I grabbed my signature shot of the day.

Plans change

My plan for the day changed about three or four times as I reacted to the weather and changing light conditions. At the end of the day I did not make it back to the Lake to capture the sunset shot I had planned. I got lost and the wind made the going very difficult so I ran out of time. I still managed to find a reasonable composition for the end of the day although the colour in the sky did not appear as I had hoped.

A tough day, but a great day. Just another day in the life of a landscape photographer.

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