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Landscape Photography - Tough day at the office

Not every day can be perfect. I struggle with high winds, driving rain and unpredictable conditions in this landscape photography vlog. 

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Of to North Yorkshire

In this episode I travel to Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire with the aim of having a more relaxed day of landscape photography. I set out in beautiful conditions that were perfect for some stunning sunset photography. 

Landscape Photography in Spring

The weather has been pretty good to me during the Spring. If one thing is certain though, it's that British weather never fails to disappoint before too long. Even when the forecast is bright, things can change quickly for the worse. That's exactly what happened in this trip. I set off with bright sunshine, warm temperatures and perfect photography conditions. On arrival, an hour up the road, it was grey, cold and wet. Very disappointing. 

Never one to give up, I took off hoping to find a gap in the weather. A landscape photography tutorial may teach about ideal weather or lighting conditions but good photography can be captured in any weather. Often great photography conditions can appear momentarily when the weather turns. You just have to be there to capture it, that's half the challenge with outdoor photography. 

Making the best of your outdoor photography

In what proved to be a very difficult, and slightly unpleasant, day of landscape photography I still managed to create 2-3 strong photographs. After being in these landscapes, the wellbeing always follows the effort of a good walk and it is always worth staying out and persevering. It is one of the simple photography tips and techniques but actually getting up off the sofa and out the door is easier said than done. 

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