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He Saw My Camera and Called Me a..... - Vlog 2

The second episode of the First Man Vlog. 

In this video I announce my new photography website and discuss how I am going to market myself as a wedding photographer.

When I recently started shooting weddings again I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be a good idea to do it again. Wedding photography is an extremely competitive field and almost every person taking it semi-seriously has a website. I decided I wanted to try and do something different. Having now shot nearly 60 videos for First Man Photography I thought my best course of action would be to create a video for my new site in an act of shameless self-promotion.

I initially considered filming the video in the First Man Studio but a beautiful evening came around and I headed out, but not before ironing and putting on my best shirt.

With the video in the can I headed home and edited it together quickly. The site is now live at

Now the photography website is up and running I plan to market myself as a wedding photographer through the use of Facebook marketing. Facebook provides businesses with incredible tools that allow you to directly target your customers through targeted ads. Within the ad, I will not be selling. I will feature a blog, of interest to brides, that then then deliver the potential client to my site. At this point they will see the video, get a good idea of what I am all about and then hopefully pick up the phone.

I will also put Google adwords to work to feature as high up in the search as I can afford.

I am confident my methods of marketing as a wedding photographer will show some good results and lead to many, many jobs.

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