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Isle of Mull Part 3

In this landscape photography vlog I travel to the Isle of Mull in search of some big scenes and a sunset to conclude my epic trip. I also fall into a bog.

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Landscape photography in Mull

In the video I spend my last epic day in the Isle of Mull shooting landscape photography. Today I go in search of some huge landscapes to really tell the story of the island.

The day started well and conditions were still but a little cloudy. The first shot of the day was of an unbelievable road that is sandwiched between a mountain and the sea. It provides an imposing scene. I climbed up a little way to get the composition I wanted. It would be a scary place if the weather was bad.

Next up, Lyle and I, rescued a couple of nice ladies who had broken down. I forgot to film it though so I apologise for that. A quick water fall shot and we were moving on to capture the big sunset shot of the day.

The day, and entire trip, ended in a truly incredible landscape. I shot several compositions and captured a beautiful time lapse. I nearly fell entirely into a bog before capturing a huge scene after the sun had gone down.

The whole trip was amazing and I have made some very good memories and created some images that I am proud of.

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My landscape photography vlogs are designed to document the creation of my work and share my methods and artistic process. If you are inspired to get out and shoot some landscape photography then I have done my job.

Landscape Photography Vlog - Isle of Mull Part 2

Part two of my landscape photography trip to the Isle of Mull.

I go out walking to get in touch with landscape and capture a beautiful sunset.

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In this Landscape photography vlog I am again in the Isle of Mull. After yesterday’s scouting mission, jumping in and out of the car, I go walking and bring things back to basics. I capture two good photographs in the first few moments after leaving the house and end the day with some beautiful sunset photography.

When shooting an image I find my artistic vision comes from getting to know the landscape and gaining an understanding of it. Difficult to do in the car; a walk can be the perfect antidote. Join me on my day shooting some landscape photography.

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Landscapes and Wildlife Photography on the Isle of Mull

A First Man landscape and wildlife photography vlog.

We travel to the Isle of Mull to capture some stunning landscape and wildlife photography and go in search of wild Otters.

This is the first episode of my landscape photography vlogs coming from the Isle of Mull on the West coast of Scotland.

The day started extremely early. I had booked us onto a 2pm ferry so we could arrive whilst it's was still light and potentially capture a sunset photograph on the first day.

The Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is high up in the Northern hemisphere. The days are very short in January with only about 8 hours of daylight. This meant maximising the daylight, shooting all day and then enjoying the long evenings. On this occasion I was travelling with my good friend Lyle McCalmont. Evenings spent post processing the day's bounties with the odd glass of wine are something to relish. Especially whilst reliving old times with the spark from some great music.

After a smooth journey and a particularly smooth ferry crossing we arrived on the Isle of Mull. Our accommodation was called Suide Farm Cottages and was about a 45 minute drive from the ferry port. On arrival there we drove straight past and headed for the village of Fionnphort, the most westerly tip of Mull. The sunset Sky never arrived but I ended the day capturing a worthy time lapse.

Day 2 - Hunting Otters

Day 2 began with some unexpected but welcome black and white landscape photography shot from out the back of the house. The addition of a very long lens and some contrast really cut through the haze.

We then got back in the car and went in search of some wildlife photography featuring the Wild Otters, buzzards and Highland Cows (not strictly wildlife). We stopped on a number of occasions to absorb the sheer enormity of the island. It is both brutal and unforgiving and the picture of the lone tree seemed to sum that up.

It took time to get into position to capture the Otters. Thankfully Lyles experience with wildlife photography and the animals meant it was not too long before I started understand how to spot them and understand some of their behaviour. Wildlife photography requires patience, commitment and slight obsession. Lyle has this and drives him to get the shot. This includes crawling through the sea to get low enough to capture a killer image.

We decided to work together so he got the still shot and I filmed the video. Using the 400mm lens with the Canon 5D Mark IV, the 4K features meant I did not have to get a close because I knew I could crop in to 1080p. Sucess followed shortly after and included one of best Otter shots I have ever seen coming from Lyle. I was also chuffed with my footage.

Sunset Phototgraphy

The day ended around the other side of the Loch with the planned landscape photograph of the day. The beaches around Mull are rocky and full of seaweed and make finding good foreground interest challenging. I explored around and found the composition I was looking for as the sun started to light the mountains and create some beautiful colours in the sky. This was changing fast though. I shot a 4 minute long exposure to capture as much of it as possible and introduce some interesting movement to the scene.

The day was fantastic but challenging. The island provided so many photo opportunities that narrowing down and focusing on a few shots became difficult. Especially considering the limited hours of daylight.

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