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Castles, Sunsets and Planning Your Landscape Photography

I head to the Northumberland coastline to capture a castle and a beautiful sunset on the beach. I also talk about the importance of planning in this landscape photography vlog.

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Back shooting landscape photography

Having recovered from my back injury (kind of….) I head out again to capture some landscape photography. This week I sneak away from the family holiday to shoot a few compositions on the Northumberland coastline, a truly beautiful part of the world. 

Planning a shoot

Planning is an essential part of landscape photography and a solid plan will help to take your shoots and your photographs to the next level. Over the last couple of years I have developed a strategy that has worked for me as I have travelled around the country shooting some of the best landscape photography of my career. I have also been creating these photography vlogs so it's been important to plan carefully to avoid wasting any time.

Where am I going?

My planning nearly always begins with selecting a location. I will then try to narrow it down and figure out where the compositions will be that I am looking to capture. Google maps is my first tool but I will also look at other photographers work. Once I know a composition exists though I will stop looking at others work so when I get there I am using my own vision and creating my own original artwork. 


The next stage is thinking about the time you are going to attend. What season? When will the sun be in the right position? Sunrise or sunset? The PhotoPills app is very helpful in landscape photography planning giving you a plethora of tools for several aspects of planning stage.

The weather person says.......

I also think about people, I am obsessed with the weather forecast, I check tide times, I do journey planners, I think about the gear I will need, the clothing I will where, what food I will need, what safety equipment etc etc. The list goes on.

Many people will head out with there camera with no plan whatsoever. This is perfectly ok and something I often do too. However, planning can really help you take your work to the next level. It is your plan. Remember, you are free to change it, ignore it or stick to it as you see fit.

Photography Vlogs

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