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Striving for the killer shot - Landscape Photography Vlog

Landscape photography vlog in the North York Moors

I go out hunting for a killer sunset photograph in this landscape photography vlog.

In this landscape photography video blog I travel to the North York Moors to capture a big sunset photograph for the day. When heading out in this capacity you are always at the total mercy of the weather and how the end of the day will play out. Amazing sunsets are not common so photographing that special moment includes an element of luck. To get the killer shot you still need to have a good composition, an artistic idea of what you want to achieve and actually physically being in the right place at the right time. You will not capture amazing images sitting on your sofa.

There will be times when your landscape photography trips end without bagging a killer shot, in fact, probably most times. These occasions should still be viewed as positive. Focus on the learning that has taken place, the fresh air and experience you have benefitted from and you will likely still come home with a decent image in the can.

Invest in your photography

I have talked before about investing in your photography. Committing your time to heading out to capture landscape photographs is a big part of that. If you accept in advance that you may only capture a killer shot once every few times you head out, then we can define this as success. One good image in a day is a success. When the trips and the years start adding up, your portfolio of great landscape images will follow suit.

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