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Landscape Photography - Struggling through a shoot and finding a sunset

I grind it out through a strange mood and a difficult shoot on this landscape photography vlog. I travel to Arnside and Silverdale and end the day with a stunning 

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Following the publication of a recent video I have had a few comments from other landscape vloggers saying that I make this look easy. I promise you it is not. Shooting footage and stills at the same time is hard. With so much to think about it is tough to get it right on every occasion. On this trip I was extremely tired and feeling a little low and it meant mistakes started to creep into my work.

This was not the end of the world though and pushing through and creating something is always better than sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself and creating nothing. Despite the errors, like forgetting filters, missing shots, some questionable video focus and others; I did mange to capture a couple of good shots and two great time lapses. Feeding the footage into the editing room also produced a good video so it a good lesson that you should never give up. I'm glad I didn't.  

Arnside and Silverdale

Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty really lives up to its name. There is some stunning coast line to see and a really interesting expanse of sand that only gets to see the sea during very high tides. It makes the area around Morecambe Bay particularly dangerous with sirens and numerous signs in place to keeps people safe. It also makes for some interesting photography. I captured one shot of the vast expanse of sand with some beautiful golden light shining of the salty residue on the surface of the clay like sand. It made for a really inserting contrast of tones. 

First Man Landscape Photography Vlog

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