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Snowdonia - Making a Landscape Photography Connection

I travel to Snowdonia in North Wales to climb a mountain and connect with the area in this landscape photography vlog. 

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Photography in Snowdonia

This is my first dedicated photography trip to Snowdonia. I visited the area when I was a child but otherwise it is not an area that has ever drawn me in. It is a stunning landscape though. The Lake District is my photography home and is very different from Snowdonia. It is more rugged, craggy and brutal but no less impressive. 

Ups and Downs

Following the disappointing shoot in Anglesey last week I wanted to make a solid connection to this landscape. Understanding an area and making an emotional connection to the area is important to me. It allows me to gain an insight and start to tell the story of the area through the pictures that I capture. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't. Being an emotional photographer has its upsides and it downsides. Often it is better to be more stoic and level headed to allow you to overcome the challenges presented to you. Whilst I perform like this in many areas of life my photography is something different. I am very passionate about it so it leads to a series of ups and downs. This can be draining but when you are riding high, visit somewhere stunning, get the right conditions and start shooting; the results can be spectacular. 

Y Garn and the Devil's Kitchen

For this trip the conditions did not quite present themselves as perfect. It was a great trip, I got some good shots and managed to scout out the area for future landscape photography shoots. My day also included an epic mountain walk aiming for the top of Y Garn. It was a hard climb up a portion of mountain that I later discovered was aptly named, The Devils Kitchen.