Landscape Photography Vlogs

Sky of Fire and Aching Arms - Landscape Photography Vlog

I travel to the Peak District and photograph one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen all year in this landscape photography vlog.

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The 'Why' of Photography

The why of photography is not something I have talked about very often. I have previously provided lots of practical tips that help with the ‘How’, but the ‘Why’ is probably more important. One thing I have mentioned on a number of previous videos is the wellbeing that landscape photography provides. Really, we are talking about the benefits to our mental health. Being outside, enjoying the fresh air, in beautiful places, getting exercise and creating our artwork provides an incredibly positive feeling. This is part of the reason why I do landscape photography and it seems to be true for many others.

Humbled by the stories

I am now in this honoured position where people have started contacting me and letting me know they have lost loved ones and sharing stories of key moments in their life. They describe how shooting landscape photography and watching landscape vlogs provides them with some welcome escapism and positivity. When I started landscape photography I was far from being a professional. It was a hobby that i simply loved. It provided an opportunity and a reason to get out and explore, and really observe the world around me. It became an island and a retreat from modern life and still to this day it leaves me feeling better, more motivated, more positive, healthier and happier

Giving Something Back

Creating these vlogs has been an incredible experience and as my audience on YouTube has grown I have really been enjoying interacting with many of you. When Jason contacted me recently and shared his story that they had lost their baby late in the pregnancy, it really struck a cord with me. Especially since they had entered into a huge landscape photography project to raise money for the charities that helped them. It has also become a large part of the healing process for them and I found that particular inspiring. I wanted more people to hear that message and their story.

73in73 Landscape Photography Challenge

It was a great pleasure meeting Jason and Tracey and I hope you will check out their website and subscribe to the 73in73 youtube channel and follow their landscape photography challenge. Our day together finished with the most incredible sunset I have seen all year. A stunning rainbow also appeared against a pink sky behind us. It was a very poignant moment for us all and felt very special.