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Frustration in Anglesey - Landscape Photography Vlog

My trip to North Wales begins in Anglesey with a search for some beautiful seascapes. Frustration reigns in this landscape photography vlog.

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In the video last week I talked about the landscape photography wave, where we travel through a natural process of ups and downs. During my day at the beach today I went through the full spectrum and experienced the highs and lows, all in one day. It was emotional and frustrating and the day didn't end as I had hoped. There are many occasions when the weather lets you down. This normally doesn't bother me but tonight it did. Everything was going so well and I was certain the weather was going to work out for me. Some unexpected sea haze arrived due to the extreme wind and the golden light I needed for the final shot just did not turn up. 

Despite my mood, the day was still enjoyable. The sunset never really came but the final image was good and it provides an excuse to return in future. Anglesey has some stunning coastline that is perfect for landscape photography. I didn't have much time there but it is clearly a stunning landscape even overrun by people in the summer months. 

I hope to return there the very near future to capture the sunset photography I was looking for.

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