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Landscape Photography Vlog - Bluebells, infrared and dog wee troubles

My troubles continue as a dog does a wee on my bag whilst shooting some infrared photography. I also capture some woodland bluebells in this landscape photography vlog.

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 I travel to Hardcastle Crags in West Yorkshire in today’sepisode in search of some Spring time bluebells. Having not been to the areabefore I was again going to have to work fast to find the right composition,making the most of the available morning light. I also visit Gibson’s Mill, aniconic mill that has been the subject of several other photographers over the years.

Infrared Photography  

I also set out with the intention of shooting some infrared photography. If you have not tried this before I have an infrared landscapephotography tutorial that should be able to help you out. It can be shot usingany normal DSLR with the addition of a Hoya R72 infrared filter. I intend toshoot some infrared related vlogs in the coming weeks as it is best shot duringthe middle of the day when the sun is at it’s brightest. This means you cankeep shooting all day long making best use of the light.

Photography Challenges

Sadly today things did not going according to plan. Havingtravelled to my second location of the day I was set up when a dog ran towards thecamera that was dangerously close to cnal. I rushed to protect it but the dogran over to my bag and decided to mark it with it’s scent. See the video forthe full rant but the owners reaction was underwhelming and meant I had to shutthe shoot down to clean my F-stop Sukha bag.

These things are sent to challenge us though and shooting landscapephotography is very rarely easy. I am hoping for things to start going my wayagain soon though.

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