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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime photo opportunities come around so rarely so when they do, you have to seize the moment. Documented in this vlog it is one of my favourite photography moments, possibly ever.

The image is of the cliffs at Sandsend during an incredible sunset in rare weather conditions. It was an emotional but amazing evening, with an incredible atmosphere that I will remember forever. They make the ongoing pursuit of landscape photography so very worthwhile.

Flamborough Head Lighthouse

Flamborough Head Lighthouse

The Flamborough Head Lighthouse is a famous landmark that was built in 1806. This image is a typical example of coastal life and the extreme weather conditions faced by the lighthouse all year round. This image was taken in the middle of a lightning storm in July. The beam from the light is perfectly captured and is illuminating the dramatic clouds above it, adding to the power of the scene. A rarely photographed sight in such extreme conditions.

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Magic in the Mist

Magic in the Mist

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