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Anchor - What it Can Do for Photography


What the Anchor App can do for photography.

How can the Anchor App be used for Photography? Photography is a very visual art form but we also love the conversation that takes place alongside. The popularity of photography exploded in paralell with the internet as people began to share their work and interesting (and not so interesting) moments of their lives. This created massive attention and the conversation around this work followed.

However as the years went by the quality of the conversation declined. Apps like Instagram are platforms for people to grab attention and build followings. Whilst this is no bad thing, the engagement around the photography is often brief, insincere and lacking real substance. Finding good feedback and constructive conversation can be extremely difficult, especially for photographers just finding their feet.

Medium has been a breath of fresh air in regards to this conversation. With publications like Vantage providing intelligent and well thought out posts. Still though the engagement and follow up has not always been there.

Partly the reason for this is not everyone enjoys, or finds, writing an easy thing to do. What people do like though — is to talk. If there was someway to reply using your voice, so people could hear all the complexities of that interaction, that would be a very interesting prospect. Well now there is……. Anchor.

Anchor is an app that could potentially turn all of us into podcasters. The Anchor app is a social network where voice takes centre stage allowing you to make 2 minute posts about any subject you have in mind. Hashtags and all the usual Twitter style features are in place, meaning discovery and engagement should be high.

For photographers, the Anchor app will be the perfect medium for high quality discussion and conversation around photography. The two minute posts provide ample time for measured opinion and interesting replies. The app uses your phone microphone and you can record by holding the phone to your head. This is a perfect solution to ensure people can post at anytime without the embarrassment and appearance that you are talking to yourself.

At First Man Photography I plan to use the Anchor App to discuss all aspects of photography with my audience and provide short tips and general musings to build on what I already offer on the website and on my YouTube channel. I am excited about this format and seeing how Anchor grows.

Here my Anchor post recorded during this video. Click here!

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