Don't Be Discouraged by Stuffy Old Photographers


Have you had the misfortune to meet Conservative Photographer?

In this video I rant about stuffy old photographers who are unhelpful, unpleasant and will discourage you as a photographer as much as possible. I have branded such a person Conservative Photographer.

I have written about this person before and you can read the article here -

I came across Conservative Photographer again the other day whilst I was browsing a photo forum. I was answering a few macro related questions when I came across a young student who was asking about a macro slider that attaches to your tripod and allows you to make fine adjustments when shooting macro. The student was asking about a cheaper brand and whether it would be suitable for his needs. He made it clear he had a very small budget so the $20 item fit the bill. I knew this item would be more than adequate for most peoples need as some photography equipment is very basic and cheaper brands do a great job. Now along comes Conservative Photographer suggesting this student was not committed and asking, "if you are truly interested in macro photography then $400-$500 would be no problem" for the top brand product. Reading this made me very angry because $400-$500 is a lot of money to most people, especially when there is a item almost as good for $20. Conservative Photographer was doing his best to discourage the student and make him feel inadequate as a photographer learning his craft. This is abhorrent behaviour.

There are now so many people interested in photography and it is a very exciting time. With social media and the internet there is so much opportunity for so many people to become very decent photographers and many will become professional. Conservative Photographer knows and fears this and it drives his selfish behaviour.

If you are just starting, improving your skills or about to become a pro it is likely you will come across Conservative Photographer before too long. I encourage you to ignore Conservative Photographer and pity him as you continue to progress and encourage fellow shooters. Move aside Conservative Photographer, your time is done.

I would love to hear about your experiences of when you have met Conservative Photographer. Please leave a comment below.