5 Reasons Why Shooting Water Drops Will Improve Your Photography.


Shooting Water drops will develop skills used in many areas of photography. Here's why:

  1. Shooting  water drops is effectively a portrait session with the water drops as your subject. Lighting the scene is the same process you would go through when shooting a model. However with it being on a small scale, set up is easy and the cost of a session is very cheap.
  2. Get’s you used to a studio style workflow. It requires setting up gear and your set, perfecting your lighting setup, shooting the images, clearing up and dismantling and finally editing. Patience is learned skill.
  3. Post-processing is simple but requires some key tools in Lightroom/Photoshop that you will quickly learn and master. Interesting changes to the colours can also be made in post processing.
  4. Improves your skills with Flash. Flash is a vital part of studio work and in water drop photography the flash actually freezes the drop rather than the shutter speed. You can easily experiment with different flash positions and coloured gels.
  5. They are still relatively rare images in a world where everyone is taking pictures. Water drops generate a lot of interest on social media helping you build your following more quickly. After all, they’re awesome. If you think this does not apply to you as a photographer, please think again.

Try it for yourself today.

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